November 10, 2014

Cousin Sleepover

We had another busy weekend!  Tyler took a vacation day on Friday so we had an extra day with him home, which is always awesome!  He took the kids out and about and ran some errands and I decided to go get some shopping done.  I stopped at Home Depot on my way home to get some paint samples because we knew we wanted to paint our bedroom one of the these weekends.

Well, shortly after I got home, the furniture store called.  We were expecting the delivery in about 3-4 more weeks, but they said they'd be here on Wednesday.  So Tyler spent most of his weekend painting!  I am the most indecisive person ever so picking out paint colors can be pretty painful.  But I love how it turned out.  Can't wait to share pictures once the furniture is here and it's all complete!

Hard at work!
Saturday morning I met up with my brother to pick up my nieces.  We came home, put Kase down for his nap, Tyler got busy painting, and us girls went out for some girl time!

She went right to the calendar when she woke up to see if it was Saturday yet.  She was just a little excited about her cousins coming over :)
We got lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, which was really nice to be able to sit down and actually enjoy a meal.  We don't eat out very often (if ever) because Kase is a stinker at restaurants right now.  So I enjoyed this.

We went to Michael's to get some supplies for some craft projects we wanted to do.  Then I took the girls to the mall and Target so they could give me some ideas for Christmas presents.  I took pictures of the stuff so I would remember.  Can you tell they were so thrilled with all the pictures?

So much fun shopping with these three!  One man said to us, "The red hair must come from Daddy."  It made us all laugh and we told him they were cousins, not sisters.  He couldn't believe it.

As soon as we got home the girls wanted to get busy right away with our craft projects.  I let them each pick out two ornaments to paint so they did those first.

I forgot to take a picture of the girls ornaments before they left, but here are Kyla's.

The girl loves red!
Emma chose an owl and Christmas tree and Gianna chose a snowflake and house.  They were cute!

I picked up a pack of canvases and saw a cute and easy snowflake idea.  The girls were really excited about it.  First we put some tape on.

Then painted all over the canvas and tape.  We used three different color blues.  Emma and Gianna did some patterns and Kyla just mixed all three colors to make one interesting blue.

After they were dry, we peeled the tape and admired the greatness :)

Then Emma took some Mod Podge glue and painted it on the white parts with a sponge brush.  Then each of the girls got to go crazy with the glitter!

Kyla insisted last night that hers go in her bedroom on her shelf.  She's pretty proud of herself!

We were all VERY tired and I think everyone crashed around 9:30.  It was Kyla's first time sleeping out in the living room with the girls and she loved it!

Yesterday we had one more project to complete that we didn't get to on Saturday - writing our letters to Santa!

We sealed them up and off they went in the mailbox to the North Pole!

We had a couple hours to play before we had to meet my brother again to take the girls home.

Suckers are a must in the morning :)
The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning, finishing up the painting, laundry, and resting from a fun, but busy weekend!  Phew.  I need a vacation day now I think!


  1. What a fun surprise that your bedroom set is coming early though! I know you want to get your painting done, and I think you will. Tyler is a good hubby! I laughed at the pictures of Emma and Gianna at the store; they didn't look very excited at all, haha! You are such a fun aunt; love the projects you did with them.

  2. What a fun lil weekend with cousins :) I tell you this all the time- but you seriously are just such an awesome mom. Crafty, educational, doing fun stuff! Makes me excited to have a house full of kiddos one day :)