November 4, 2014

A Productive Weekend

I was 19 weeks on Friday and I'm finally starting to feel good.  This pregnancy has been rough!  I was sick with the other two as well, but I don't remember it being this bad.  Maybe because I didn't have two little ones to also take care of?  Who knows.  But now that I am feeling like a human being again, I have been extra productive!

Saturday morning I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby to look for a mirror for above our fireplace.  But Tyler asked if I wanted to go look for a new bedroom set instead.  Umm, yes please!  I will never turn down him taking me shopping!  We have a queen set now, but we want to put that downstairs in our guest bedroom so our visitors don't have to sleep on the air mattress anymore.  Plus we have a big bedroom now so we I really want a king bed.  I mean, if we have the space, why wouldn't we?

We found a set we really like so we pulled the trigger.  It won't be delivered for 4-5 weeks, which is good because I want to paint our room before it comes (and by "I" I mean Tyler).  I ordered new bedding so as soon as that comes, I will go pick out paint colors.  I cannot wait for it to all be complete!

Here's Kase in between furniture stores.  Such a rough life this kid has :)

We got home around lunch time and I got right to work cleaning the house, doing laundry, sweeping the garage and starting my honey-do list for Tyler.  We moved into this house at the end of May, but there are so many little things I want to get done.  I don't consider myself a neat freak by any stretch, but I do love me some organization.  I enjoy organized drawers, cupboards and closets.  Here's just a peek at what I've been up to...

Much more of that label-loving goodness around the house.  It makes me happy :)

I've been wanting a shelf in our laundry room above the washer and dryer.  Here's my handy man hard at work...

Then my mom called and asked if I wanted to go Christmas shopping.  I don't turn that down either.  So we went out Saturday night and even though it wasn't on my list for others, we stopped at Hobby Lobby for a couple things for the house.  We had nothing on our walls at all.  Now we have a mirror above the fireplace, one picture in the dining room, and a clock.  Progress, people!  (I will take pictures of all this house stuff later)

I did get a few things off my Christmas shopping list.  I'm hoping to get all the shopping done by the end of November this year.

By the time I laid down Saturday night, I was in so much pain.  I guess I overdid it a little bit.  But of course I woke up Sunday and got right back to work!  I cleaned and organized both kids rooms, vacuumed, packed away clothes that don't fit, etc.  I don't have a picture, which is sad because their rooms were so clean!  By the time I thought to take a picture, they were destroyed again.  Sigh...

Kyla loves to help me bake and well, I just so happen to love to eat sweets.  Good combination, right?  So we decided to make some M&M cookie bars.  My helper was caught stealing the M&M's :)

Such a cute little thief :)
Thank you baby girl for finally giving me a break so I can get some stuff done!  I have a feeling you are going to be a feisty little redhead just like your sister!


  1. Um, you accomplished waaay more in one weekend than I have in a solid month, lol! Go you!! My 3rd pregnancy was hardest on me too. Can't wait to see all your house updates! I feel like we are living the same life BC there are so many things to do in our house since we moved in too. All in time, right? ;-)

  2. You are almost to the half way mark; how exciting! And, you are seriously a super mama! Good job getting all of that stuff done!