June 16, 2014

More House Pictures

I think most of you know this already, but I am not a photographer.  My pictures are very low quality and I really don't care, haha.  I just snap on automatic and get what I get.  Just thought I better warn you :)

Let's start with the kitchen today!

The door to the left of the table goes into the living room.

The only downfall is that it's not open to the living room - where I can see the kids playing while I cook dinner.

I didn't take any pictures of our master bedroom, but I did snap a couple of the closet.  We needed this big closet...Tyler has TONS of clothes!  He has been the same exact size forever so he still wears things from a long time ago!

On to Kyla's bedroom...

Need some curtains.
I'm still working on the organization as you can see on the top of her dresser :)
Oh hey Kyla!  The closet needs some work too.
Not a huge fan of the paint, but not too concerned about it right now.
Moving over to Kase's room...

His room needs A LOT of work.  Hate the white walls!

Poor guy has such a boring room!
Closet door there - he has the worst closet too.  He always gets the shaft :(  But I will make your room better, buddy.  I promise!
The laundry room is right across from the kitchen and then out to the garage.

I have some plans for the laundry room too since it is where we always go in and out of the house.
Downstairs to the basement.  Warning - I did not pick up down there.  It is a mess with unpacked boxes and furniture randomly placed for now.

Right when you come down the stairs, there is this room.  It has our school/office supplies and Kyla's little desk.

Off of that room is the main living area.  It's actually huge, but you can't really tell with this picture.  I want to paint it and then see if my uncle will build some built-in shelving along that back wall.  We want to get a huge TV for that wall too.  There is a window back here by the treadmill.  This room obviously needs lots of work too.
Basement bathroom that still needs a shower curtain and rugs.
There are two bedrooms down there.  This is going to be a guest bedroom.
This will be the toy room (want to paint this too).
Both bedrooms downstairs have good sized closets, which is great for toys!  
There's also a closet in the hallway outside the two bedrooms and then there's two large storage areas down there.  Lots of room!

I think that's about it!  Lots of fun projects coming up!


  1. It's beautiful, Amy! I love all the cupboards that you have in your kitchen!

  2. I love it so much already! So much space, I'm obsessed! :)

  3. Wow, lots and lots of room... so great!!

  4. Love it! So excited for you guys!!