June 19, 2014

Gift cards collecting dust

I absolutely LOVE getting gift cards as gifts.  Who doesn't right?  Yet somehow, I let them sit in my wallet forever and forget to use them.  I got a $50 gift card toward a massage two Christmases ago that I still have not used.  What the heck?  I would die for a massage, yet I never go treat myself on one.

I cleaned out my wallet this morning (which is what inspired this blog post) and found these...

The Barnes & Noble and Applebee's are both from Christmas that I got while teaching.  The Home Depot isn't so bad...we got that last week from our mortgage guy.

Tyler and I never go out to eat.  Taking the kids out right now is just more stressful than anything.  If we had special plans or a family thing going on or something, we obviously will take the kids out for dinner.  But we'd rather just eat at home or get carry out or something.  And about once a year (usually around our anniversary), we'll go out to eat just the two of us.  But hopefully soon I can meet him for lunch or something and have a juicy burger from Applebee's :)

And now I'm off to shop online for a new book before I let that one sit in wallet for another 6 months.  Does anyone else do this with their gift cards?


  1. My biggest annoying habit is holding onto gift cards even if there's only $0.15 on them... those are the ones that hang around in my wallet forever!!

  2. I forget to use mine a lot too- I'm determined to use my Target gift card (from my bday in April) this weekend!! ;)