June 23, 2014

Fun weekend & Instagram challenge

On Saturday, we decided to make a spur of the moment trip to a bouncy house and water park.  It was gloomy and looked like it was going to storm so we decided on a smaller indoor park that was perfect for little ones.  We went there last year with Shawna and her family and had a good time.

Kase was a little hesitant at the bouncy house, which surprised me because he's usually a daredevil.  He eventually warmed up though.  Kyla loved it and had no fear.  I didn't take many pictures, but here are a few (taken from my phone so a tad blurry).

I asked her how much fun she was having and she said "THIS MUCH!"

I didn't take a single picture at the water park.  We were so busy keeping track of the kids, in and out of pools, going down slides with them, etc.  I just didn't get my phone out.  But we had a blast and plan on going back.  It's pretty cheap and so perfect for this age!

Sunday I did some shopping with my mom, which was really fun.  We checked out World Market (we had never been there) and got a couple small things for the house.  I'm verrrrrrrrrry slowly starting to decorate.  But I'm really waiting until our main living area gets painted (hopefully will be soon)!  We also went to Costco and Target.  It was fun to get out and I love shopping with my mom!

We came home and Kyla and Tyler were outside playing.  Kase was napping.  Kyla said, "Mama, watch this" and plopped her little butt right in this bucket.  This was their "redneck swimming pool" for the day.  I could not stop laughing.  She loved it though!

On a different note, I decided to do my first Instagram challenge for the summer.  I'm posting one picture every day, which will be fun to look back on and see how much fun we had.  You can follow me @amykattre if you're not already!

Hope all of you had a great weekend too!  Can you believe it's almost July already?

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  1. Looks like a great weekend! Our weekend routine usually includes some shopping with my mom as well, nothing like doing some window shopping to make ya want to decorate everything! Stopping in from the Mingle Monday Blog Hop!

  2. I need to get my girls back to that waterpark again too!

    I should try to post *one* pic a day on instagram ( Ha. Ha. ;-) )