May 8, 2014

Kase - 18 Months (A few months late)

(He was actually 18 months on February 24th, but his appointment was later and then I have been really pokey about getting some pictures taken.  At least I got it done before he turns 2!)

Dear Kase,

February 24th came and went and I didn't even realize you are already 18 months!  It didn't hit me until I got the reminder of your doctor appointment.  You are growing up so fast!

You are such a good boy, but you definitely keep me on my toes.  You are very different from your sister.  You're a dare devil.  You love to make lots of noise banging whatever you can get your hands on.  A typical boy, you are.  But I love you so much and I love spending every day watching you grow.

You are babbling all day long, but not saying too many words yet.  Even though you are rough and tough, you love to snuggle with Mommy.  I soak up every second of that.

You are such a fun little guy and I can't wait to see what kind of man you become.  I hope you are as kind and hard working as your Daddy.  I love you so much Kase!

Love, Mommy

STATS: (as of March 4th)
Weight:   29.2 pounds (95th percentile)
Height:  34 inches (92nd percentile)
Teeth:  All but your 2-year molars
Diaper:  5
Clothes: 2T and 3T, depends what it is
Shoe:  Size 7
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: blue

Favorite foods:  And I thought Kyla used to be picky!  You are 10 times worse.  You love a few things and that's about all you'll eat.  I try to get you to eat things that I KNOW you would like, but you absolutely refuse.  You love toast, cereal, pancakes, french toast, applesauce, cereal bars, ice cream, spaghetti.  I know you would like chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, etc. but you are a stinker.
 Favorite toys:  spoons, my little candles when you get your hands on them, your sister's necklaces, the vacuum cleaner, your sister's hair ties, and anything else you can find that you shouldn't have.  You love to bang things on the play kitchen.  Your other favorite thing is to throw everything OUT of the kitchen or out of all the bathroom drawers.
Favorite activities:  climbing chairs, stairs, couches and toilets, playing in Kyla's bedroom, splashing in the bathtub, sitting on Mommy's lap, watching Special Agent Oso, running around in circles laughing.

You are such a funny, sweet boy, but you can sure be naughty!  Anything naughty you can get into, you do it.  All day long.  You recently started having timeouts, which haven't been super effective yet, but we're getting there.  You still think they are pretty funny.

Kyla used to love sitting on my lap (still does) to read books and learn.  She knew most of her colors by this age.  You?  I fully believe that you know them since we talk about them daily.  But when I ask you which coin is red out of a red and yellow one?  You throw them both and look at me in disgust as if saying, "Who cares Mom, let's play ball and drive trucks!"

You love your nuks and I don't think you're going to be happy with us when we take them all away.  You are a great sleeper though and I just don't want to mess with it yet!  You sleep from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am or whenever your sister wakes you up.  You take one good nap every day for about 3 hours.

And this is what happens when Kyla tries to invade your photo shoot...

Happy 18, 19, and 20 months Kase man!  Thanks for making me laugh all day every day.  I love you so much!


  1. I cannot believe how grown up he looks!!! :) Just as cute as always!

  2. I love this! He looks so grown up and sounds a lot like mine haha! I need to be better about starting discipline. I baby him too much! ;)