April 1, 2014

House Updates

So the last time I blogged was Friday, March 21st and I mentioned that I was trying to keep the house tidy in case we got showings.  Literally a couple hours later our realtor called and said someone was in the neighborhood and wanted to see the house.  I had 15 minutes to pick up the house, wake Kase up from his nap and get us all out of here.  I was sweating when I got in the van and pulled out.  Yes, I could have said no, but it was our first one and I didn't want to turn it down.

Last Wednesday we had two more showings and by Friday we had two offers.  We countered with both and one of them accepted.  So we've sold our house!  We close May 30th.

Before we started this crazy journey, Tyler was worried about selling our house and I was convinced we would sell fast.  I was worried we'd sell too fast and have nowhere to live.  And that's exactly the situation we're in now.

We put an offer in on Sunday to a house that we liked.  They countered, but we weren't really willing to pay that much because we'd have to put money into finishing the basement.  But the yard was awesome and the main living areas were nice.  So we didn't accept, but also didn't say no or counter back.

Then yesterday we found a house that we wanted to go see.  It was about $20,000 cheaper, but it was hard to tell in the pictures how nice it was.  So we got a showing last night and we both were absolutely in love.  Tyler mouthed to me while we were looking at it "I LOVE THIS HOUSE!"  We got in the van and immediately called our realtor who we just saw two minutes earlier and told him we wanted to put an offer in that night.  We put a good offer in because it was still a really good price and we didn't want to take any chances.  We both went to bed happy and thinking we were going to get an amazing house with over 2 acres.  It was the first good night sleep I've had in a long time!

And then...I woke up to a text from our realtor.  The sellers had already accepted an offer on Sunday.  There was confusion between the listing agent and the co-listing agent and the one that accepted our showing last night didn't know they had an accepted an offer.  Otherwise they wouldn't have let us see it.  We were (and still are) completely devastated.  Around noon I still thought there might be a chance that it was all a dirty April Fool's joke.  But nope.

So we are back to square one with no houses to look at and a deadline sneaking up on us.  The thought of having to find temporary housing is becoming more of a reality.  One that I am not thrilled about.  As hard it was to get that news this morning, I still believe everything happens for a reason.  It's hard when you don't yet know what that reason is, but one thing is for sure.  It doesn't really matter where we are, all that matters is we are together.  I have been very stressed out and was on the verge of a break down the other night, but I am in a much better place emotionally now.  I think seeing that there was another house out there for a cheaper price, reassured me that the first house we put an offer in wasn't the one.  It was more expensive and we were both not 100% sure about it.  So I feel good about forgetting about that one and waiting for the right one to come along.  I'm convinced it will happen.  And like I said, as long as we have each other, everything will be fine!

I'm sure happy our house is sold so I don't have to be a freak about keeping it clean with these crazies running around...

He got into his sister's closet and put on a head band :)

Such a silly girl!

Hopefully some more houses will pop up for us to look at and I'll have some good news soon!  And now I can get back to regular blogging (hopefully) since I'm not cleaning every second of my life :)


  1. Congrats on selling your house!! Look at it this way; while temporary house (your worse-case scenario now) might not be ideal, you can hold out for the home you both love, and no worries that your house needs to sell. I'd much rather be in that situation than with a house that won't sell. (Oh, kinda like our condo, say what?) Hopefully more houses will keep coming on the market now that it's spring - and who knows, maybe the buyers of the house you loved won't get their financing or something will fall through. I'm evil, I know...but it does happen.

  2. Ok, so you are so right---everything happens for a reason! When Lee and I were looking for our first house we found one we really liked, and it was for sale by owner. He told us he didn't want to use a realtor so we saw the house and then called him with our offer and he said he would get back to us. We were willing to pay more and expected a counter back. We were under the impression we were the first interested party so we were already decorating the house in our minds and super excited! Then we didn't hear back for a couple days and called the guy and he just says "well, after I got your offer someone with a realtor asked to see it and then offered more money so I took their offer instead, sorry" ...we were PISSED b/c we totally would have paid more and he never even gave us the chance!! So after being depressed for a good week and thinking we'd never find another house we liked we suddenly saw a new listing and after seeing it fell in love and bought it! Sooooooo glad the first house didn't work out b/c we look back on that first one and think "seriously, what were we thinking, it wasn't even that great, the one we got was so much better!" haha. So long story short, you will find a way better house I'm sure, and look back and be so happy that this one fell through :-)