April 17, 2014

It's true what they say...

Everything DOES happen for a reason!  As you know, we sold our house and close May 30th.  Last time I wrote we had recently found an amazing house, put an offer in, and missed out on it by a day.  Last Friday we went to look at a house that had very few pictures online, which is always a bad sign I think.  When we got there, we found out it was a foreclosure and it was completely trashed.  We didn't even look at the whole house because it was that disgusting.  We didn't want the kids in there.  So we left that house on Friday and told our realtor we were taking the weekend off of house stuff and were going to regroup on Monday.  It had been a stressful week and we needed a little break.

Then we got an email from our realtor at 6:07 AM on Saturday with the subject "CALL ME, CALL ME, CALL ME!!!"  The email said that the deal fell through for the house we loved.  I thought I was dreaming to be honest.  So much for our weekend off of no house talk!  But it was SO worth it.  Long story short - we put a new offer in and they accepted!

We have a house!  We close on that May 30th too!  We have officially started packing and our house is now in shambles.  I'm still not sure how the moving is going to go since we have to be out of our house that Friday morning before closing and can't be in the new house until Friday afternoon after the closings.  So we will be living out of a huge truck (assuming our whole house of stuff will fit in a truck) for a day.  But we will figure it all out!

We are so excited and now these next 40 days need to speed up!  We can't wait to get in our new house.  There are definitely some things we'd like to do to it.  It's not perfect, but it's pretty awesome :)

I have started a list of things we need to buy, want to buy, and little projects I want to do.  It will be fun!  Anyway, just wanted to update you all.  As much as I hated Tyler saying "Everything will be fine, it will work itself out," I have to admit, he was right.  I'm the worrier of the family, that's for sure!

Hope you all have a great Easter!  I went shopping for the kids' baskets tonight and can't wait for Sunday morning!

April 10, 2014

Kyla's 3rd birthday interview

My friend Shawna over at Girls Just Wanna Have Fun does birthday interviews with her girls, which I always find really entertaining.  Her daughter Brielle is just two days younger than Kyla.  I wish they lived closer so they could be BFF's.  Anyway...I copied her interview with Brielle and did it with Kyla (had to change up a few things).

It is a couple months past her 3rd birthday, but who's counting.  She was so funny while I was asking her the questions.  I wish I would have video taped it!  I thought maybe she would just say the first random thing that popped into her head.  But she really thought about each one and they are pretty much how I thought she'd answer, other than a couple silly answers :)

Here we go...

What is your favorite color?  Red
What is your favorite TV show?  Henry Hugglemonster
What is your favorite room in your house?  My room
Why is your room your favorite?  I like to jump
Do you like princesses?  Mmhmm
Which is your favorite princess?  I'm a princess

What is your favorite food?  Yogurt 
What is your favorite thing to drink?  Chocolate milk
If you could change your name, what would it be?  K-Y-L-A (she spelled it out)
But if your name wasn't Kyla, what would it be?  I don't know

If you had lots of money, what would you buy with it?  A doggy
What's your favorite book?  Great pumpkin book (she has a new favorite every day that she carries around and has to go to bed with her)
Who's house do you like to go to?  Uncle Mark's
What do you do there?  Just jump and hide and seek and Uncle Mark hides and I hide.
Who's your best friend?  Mommy

What's your favorite game?  I don't know
Do you like the matching game (we've been playing Memory a lot lately)?  No
Well what's your favorite game then?  My Kase man  (gave up after that, haha)
What's your favorite thing to wear?  Princess Sofia
Would you like a brother or a sister?  (No, I'm not pregnant!) Sister
What would you name her?  Sheriff Callie

If you could have a pet, what would you pick?  Dog
What would you name it?  Steve
What's your favorite school thing to do with Mom?  Just draw or something
Do you want to go to school next year?  Yeah, I have a teacher and friends and my backpack and Kase's backpack.

How old do you think Mama is?  3 years old
What's your favorite snack?  Yogurt
What did you dream about last night?  My treasure map (no clue where this came from)

And we'll end this interview with how I woke up yesterday morning.  With her standing at my bed looking like this...

Displaying 20140408_090356.jpg
Safety first :)

April 8, 2014

Preschool with Kyla - Letter C

It's been a few weeks since I've posted a preschool update.  We worked on the letter C and are moving on to D.  If you want to see what we did with A & B, go HEREHERE and HERE.

Here are a few things we've done with the letter C.  It didn't get the attention that A & B did with everything we've had going on here, but Kyla can recognize it, tell you words that start with C and correctly draw a C.

For some fine motor practice, I got some big thumb tacks from Target and she uses them to poke holes in the letter C.  I let her just do it on the carpet and it worked great.  This is the first time she's done this and she loved it.

Total concentration
When she was done poking the holes we held it up to the light.  She thought it was "so cool"!

Can't go without the magnets!

The next workbox she chose was a caterpillar coloring page.

Kase man decided to join us for this one!  We learned that he loves to color and still to this date...no crayons eaten.  Success!

We've been working hard on tracing the letters and then writing them on her own.  I always write the letter first and she writes her own, using mine as a guide.

3 for 3!  So proud of her!
 While Kyla worked on some tracing practice, Kase actually sat with me and practiced some writing too!

She got really mad about those middle lines and asked me to erase them so she could do it over.  "It's not good Mama."
(I laminate all of these so we can erase and use them again)

She's happy now :)
Lastly, we added our C to our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree.  And read the book.  Over and over and over again.

She had a hard time accepting the fact that the C didn't need to go right next to the B, but I finally convinced her :)

As always, I get all of my printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  Off to print some letter D goods!

April 7, 2014

Mommy Wish List

Quick weekend update - we had a fantastic one!  After seeing an absolutely awful foreclosure house Friday afternoon, we agreed that we were going to take the weekend off of stressing about houses and regroup on Monday.  Then I got a frantic email from our realtor at 6:07 am Saturday morning.  I can't get into details right now (because I don't want to jinx anything - yes, I'm superstitous like that), but it ended up not being the no-house-talk weekend we were hoping for.  But we are hopeful that it was worth it.  Anyway, Sunday we had a great family day.  We took the kids to the zoo, which they absolutely loved.  Then we just hung out, I vacuumed out the van (wow, did it need it!) and we went to the car wash.  Great weekend overall!  Oh, except that little basketball game Saturday night.  Let's not talk about that.  I'm still depressed.  I need another day or two to digest that.

I don't know what made me create this little list.  I think it is the spring weather we are having (finally in the 50's).  But I don't buy myself stuff very often.  I'd much rather spend the money on new clothes for the kids or spoil them with a new toy that they pick out by themselves.  I like shopping for clothes for Tyler too or surprising him with a new Brewers sweatshirt or something.  I usually wear the same things over and over and I hate shopping for myself.  I consider myself pretty low maintence, but I do splurge and get my hair highlighted twice a year.  With that being said, I do have a small list of things that would make me pretty darn happy.  Things I would buy myself if I had lots of money and maybe somewhere to go to actually show some of it off.

In case someone near and dear to me is reading this, I thought I better be very specific.  Mother's Day is coming soon.  Now I just need to teach Kyla and Kase how to read.  Hmm...

1.  New running shoes - Mine have holes in them, which doesn't keep me from wearing them, but it would be nice to have some that don't get my feet wet when it's raining or where you can't see my toes :)
These would do :)
2.  Rain boots - Every mom needs rain boots right?

Love me some polka dots :)
3.  Distressed jeans - I could use a few pairs of jeans now that I think about it.  I only have one pair that fit and they are not very cute.

Love these from Gap
4.  Fresh tulips - I told Tyler not to get me flowers on Valentine's Day.  I'd rather have them on a random day when I'm least expecting it.  If I had lots of money, I would have fresh flowers on my table at all times.  They just make me happy.

A bright, fun colored vase would be good too!
5.  Brewers hat - It's baseball season and we love our Brewers.  I'd love a hat to throw on quick when I run errands, take kids to the park, or whatever.

I like this one - or any women's one that has the netting stuff in the back.
6.  A weekend getaway (I'd even settle for one night) - I've been feeling a little stir crazy lately.  Since I quit my teaching job in January, I don't think I've been anywhere but Target.  Ok, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but not too far off.  I'd just like to go somewhere, nowhere specific, just somewhere that involves a hotel, eating out, walking around seeing things, maybe even an away Brewer game to Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis?  I need somewhere to wear those cute new jeans :)

There's not a picture of all of that so I just chose Chicago since it was pretty :)

That's all for now, that's not too much to ask, right?  I'd be thrilled with any one of the six!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

April 4, 2014

5 on Friday

I'm linking up today to share the first 5 random things that come to my mind.  Ready, go!

It has been a busy house selling/buying week.  Saw and fell in love with a house on Monday night.  Put an offer in Monday night.  Found out Tuesday morning we didn't get it.  Remained depressed all day Tuesday.  Radon test here Wednesday, which meant the kids couldn't be downstairs at all for two days.  Saw another house Wednesday night.  Loved it, but it was expensive and a very small yard.  This morning had an appraiser here.  Today we have an inspector coming for the roof at 11:00.  Looking at another house at 11:45.  Radon guy coming back at 4:00.  I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend!

Speaking of the weekend, the BADGERS ARE IN THE FINAL FOUR!  In case you didn't know, we are huge Badger fans here.  Last Saturday night's game was seriously the most stressful game of my life.  But we won and we're off to Texas.  In case your favorite team isn't playing this weekend, you should root for the Badgers.  It seems most of the nation is rooting for the good guys :)

I already knew my phone was a piece of junk, but now the camera doesn't work.  Every time I open it, it says Camera Failed and closes.  I've tried everything.  Except throw it out the window.  That's next.

I had my Thirty-One meeting last night with 11 other consultants and we got to see the new, Summer catalog.  I love seeing all the new products and prints.  Here are a couple of my favorites, not necessarily new for summer, but still my favorites (sorry for the generic google pictures - see #3).
This is my all time favorite crossbody purse.  I have it in 4 different colors/prints.  I love the coral for summer :)
This is a retired wallet, but it's my favorite.  And it's perfect for my coral shoulder bag :)
I love the Fun Flops pattern for summer!
Tyler was gone last weekend so my mom brought my nieces over for a sleepover.  We had a great time!  It was a little chilly to be outside so we went to play at McDonald's.  Kyla has never been there and has been begging to go so I figured it would be easier with Emma and Gianna here.  She absolutely adores her cousins!

Happy Friday everyone and GO BADGERS!  I tried to talk Tyler into going to Texas, but to no avail.  Bummer!

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Rose Bowl January 2013
Displaying 20121117_095422.jpg
My Badger babies in November 2012

April 1, 2014

House Updates

So the last time I blogged was Friday, March 21st and I mentioned that I was trying to keep the house tidy in case we got showings.  Literally a couple hours later our realtor called and said someone was in the neighborhood and wanted to see the house.  I had 15 minutes to pick up the house, wake Kase up from his nap and get us all out of here.  I was sweating when I got in the van and pulled out.  Yes, I could have said no, but it was our first one and I didn't want to turn it down.

Last Wednesday we had two more showings and by Friday we had two offers.  We countered with both and one of them accepted.  So we've sold our house!  We close May 30th.

Before we started this crazy journey, Tyler was worried about selling our house and I was convinced we would sell fast.  I was worried we'd sell too fast and have nowhere to live.  And that's exactly the situation we're in now.

We put an offer in on Sunday to a house that we liked.  They countered, but we weren't really willing to pay that much because we'd have to put money into finishing the basement.  But the yard was awesome and the main living areas were nice.  So we didn't accept, but also didn't say no or counter back.

Then yesterday we found a house that we wanted to go see.  It was about $20,000 cheaper, but it was hard to tell in the pictures how nice it was.  So we got a showing last night and we both were absolutely in love.  Tyler mouthed to me while we were looking at it "I LOVE THIS HOUSE!"  We got in the van and immediately called our realtor who we just saw two minutes earlier and told him we wanted to put an offer in that night.  We put a good offer in because it was still a really good price and we didn't want to take any chances.  We both went to bed happy and thinking we were going to get an amazing house with over 2 acres.  It was the first good night sleep I've had in a long time!

And then...I woke up to a text from our realtor.  The sellers had already accepted an offer on Sunday.  There was confusion between the listing agent and the co-listing agent and the one that accepted our showing last night didn't know they had an accepted an offer.  Otherwise they wouldn't have let us see it.  We were (and still are) completely devastated.  Around noon I still thought there might be a chance that it was all a dirty April Fool's joke.  But nope.

So we are back to square one with no houses to look at and a deadline sneaking up on us.  The thought of having to find temporary housing is becoming more of a reality.  One that I am not thrilled about.  As hard it was to get that news this morning, I still believe everything happens for a reason.  It's hard when you don't yet know what that reason is, but one thing is for sure.  It doesn't really matter where we are, all that matters is we are together.  I have been very stressed out and was on the verge of a break down the other night, but I am in a much better place emotionally now.  I think seeing that there was another house out there for a cheaper price, reassured me that the first house we put an offer in wasn't the one.  It was more expensive and we were both not 100% sure about it.  So I feel good about forgetting about that one and waiting for the right one to come along.  I'm convinced it will happen.  And like I said, as long as we have each other, everything will be fine!

I'm sure happy our house is sold so I don't have to be a freak about keeping it clean with these crazies running around...

He got into his sister's closet and put on a head band :)

Such a silly girl!

Hopefully some more houses will pop up for us to look at and I'll have some good news soon!  And now I can get back to regular blogging (hopefully) since I'm not cleaning every second of my life :)