March 4, 2014

Preschool with Kyla - Letter B

We've spent about three weeks on the letter B.  We just haven't had time for "school" every day with so much going on.  I've been busy getting our house ready to sell!  But here are a few things we've been doing!

Kyla is doing great with all of this stuff.  She loves school and she always says she has to do her homework, haha.  She could already recognize all the letters, but she now knows the sounds that A and B make and some words that start with them.  She can draw the letter A about 90% of the time.  The other 10% look more like an H.  She can't always get the top to connect to make the A.

She loves to update our calendar board.

She insists that the pink goes with the pink, green goes with green, blue goes with blue.  We're working on what these words mean :)
She did some work in her Daily Learning Notebook.

She loves to color the girl in.  Do you see the eyes, mouth and hair, haha?

Writing Wednesday!

The thought is to do one number each week (or with each letter).  This week I let her put two stickers on for the number two page.  She wanted to do all the numbers then.  She loves stickers!  Didn't she do an awesome job tracing?

Here are some of her letter B work boxes.

Tracing pages

She asked for help with the lowercase a.  She kept getting frustrated and erasing it with a kleenex.

And then she turned the page over and made a K.  "Mama, I made a K for Kyla!"

Do A Dot page with magnets - I got the do a dot markers out a different day, but she was not interested in them.

Butterfly coloring page
I had markers in her drawer, but she insisted on crayons.
She always likes me to color with her and I admit, I love to color!
Some other things we've been working on...

The numbers are much easier for Kyla, but she likes practicing the letters with my help.
We got these Alphabet Stamps so I pulled the B out this week.  This was a huge hit.  The stamps are a little small so her fingers were all red from the stamp pad, but she loved it.

I planned on using these letter pages for a gluing activity (like the apple jacks), but I knew she'd love this.

She wanted another page so she did the lowercase too.

They have lowercase stamps like this too that I may need to order.

And of course some ABC Mouse!
Got our B on our tree, Kyla's favorite part!
I get all my printables from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler.  We're on to the letter C!


  1. Looks fun! The last couple weeks we've been working on the letter "L" . The projects we've done have included "L"ounging and being "Lazy" haha.....I need to start fresh this month!

  2. Her tracing and the letter "K" are done so well! Great job, Kyla!