March 12, 2014

I Confess...

...I could not stop laughing during the After the Final Rose episode of The Bachelor the other night.  The most awkward live TV show I have ever seen.  Tyler was so annoyed at how funny I thought it was.  It was such a train wreck, I have always disliked Juan Pablo, and I enjoyed Chris Harrison having to be in crisis mode and having no idea what to say.  Funny stuff.

...I am excited to list our house, but nervous that it will sell and we'll have nowhere to go.

...Our 50 degree day on Monday was such a tease.  It's snowing now today.

...My mom and I shopped at Costco for the first time last weekend.

...I'm excited for baseball season.  Go Brewers!

...I wanted to go to the Big Ten tournament SOOOO bad this weekend.  My mom even said she'd babysit.  But my husband put a damper on that plan.  Seems a little backwards, doesn't it?  Shouldn't he be the excited one to go watch basketball all weekend in Indy?

...The insane tantrums Kyla has been throwing are exhausting.  She didn't nap on the weekend.  Monday Tyler came home sick from work and she wouldn't nap because he was in our bed and that's where she usually naps.  Tuesday we had the inspector here all morning and then my mom and step dad here in the afternoon so I could go to the dentist so no naps.  Today, I am forcing her to get back to napping.  By 6:00 every night, she is a nightmare.

...I wish I could win a gift card to Old Navy or Gap.  I want some new spring/summer clothes, but don't want to spend money.

...I'd also really like some new running shoes.  Mine have holes in them.

...I'm not the best hair braider (is that a word?), but I love trying new things with Kyla's hair.

...I might have to bribe her with some Sheriff Callie on TV to get her to agree ;)


  1. Okay, my confession… I didn't watch The Bachelor at all this season, that is until the other night when I flipped on the TV as I was folding laundry only to catch this guy on there. Now I know why I wasn't watching it this season. I didn't like him at.all!

    And, I have to ask, (since it's my fav. place to shop!) what did you think of Costco??

  2. I LOVE Kyla's hair, it looks so cute!! I seriously cannot wait to have lil girls to braid their hair... I love braids! And Spring is coming soon, hang in there! ;)

  3. I am not any good at hair either! My daycare moms make fun of me because they can always tell when I did their daughter's hair, it does not look good! haha.