March 21, 2014

House Hunting

Happy Friday!  Did this week go incredibly slow or is it just me?  Considering it's been a week and a half since my last post, I figured today I'd just share what we've been up to.

House hunting.  We have seen four houses so far, with another showing on Sunday.  The first one was nice on the inside (actually I LOVED the inside), a nice exposed and finished basement, but there was basically no yard.  And there was a popular walking trail right in the backyard.  Playing outside or just relaxing on the deck while people are walking by and having their dogs bark at us?  No thanks.

The second house was our favorite so far.  It is out in the country a bit, but still in a cul-da-sac with other houses.  It has over an acre of beautiful and quiet yard.  The first level was great, with everything we want.  But the basement stinks and would need a lot of work.

The third house was ok, but way overpriced for all of the little things that we didn't like.  I thought it would be the most quiet and private, but it was closer to the road than I thought and the traffic was really loud.

The last one was perfect in the inside.  Beautiful kitchen with an open floor plan.  Basement was finished and very nice.  But the yard stinks.  It is less yard than we have now and has a very small deck.  We like to have family over to cook out and obviously want a yard for the kids to play.  Plus this one was very close to a four lane highway and was very noisy.  We could even hear the traffic inside the house.

So we're seeing another one on Sunday, but I think house #2 is still going to be on top.  Our house just officially went on the market on Wednesday so cross your fingers that we start getting people coming to see it soon!

I'm trying to keep the house clean and tidy just in case our realtor calls and says someone will be here in an hour.  He did say that usually people give more notice, but it could happen.  Let's just say trying to keep a house clean with two toddlers is enough to make me crazy.

In other news, we found out that we're having a nephew!  Tyler's brother and his wife are due in August and found out on Wednesday that it's a boy.  We're very excited, but I think Kyla's excitement is at a whole different level.  They came over Wednesday and spent the night.  She wanted to see the baby so bad.  She sang him Jesus Loves Me and the ABC's.  She rubbed Aunt Jackie's belly and asked if the baby was nice, if he was sleeping, if he was hungry.  She is obsessed.  It's going to be a long four months I think :)

I still need to do Kase's 18 month post.  Now that he is 3 days shy of 19 months.  Oops.  He had his checkup and is doing awesome, but I still want to get all that on the blog, along with some pictures.  He is such a funny boy.

We have still been doing the letter C with Kyla, but with all the house stuff going on, it's going a little long.

We've learned that Kase loves to color.  Surprisingly he hasn't eaten any crayons yet!

We celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday!

That's all for now - back to pick up the same things I picked up 30 minutes ago, haha!  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Good luck with the house hunting! Both times we were looking for our house we just got "the feeling" when we walked into the right one!

  2. That sounds very interesting, Amy! I wish you have photos, so that we’d be able to help by giving you comments about each house that you’ve been looking into. I do hope you find the house that you want soon. I’m sure you and the kids are excited to find a new home. :D

    Kevin Fritz @ Iron Point Mortgage