March 10, 2014

Catch Up Picture Dump

I've been trying to go through the over thousand pictures on my phone.  Mostly pictures I've taken, but also a bunch that Kyla has taken.  It is in serious need of cleaning up so I can get some storage space back!

I saw a couple pictures that I took during my blog break so I wanted to get them on here.  So please excuse today's picture dump.  Just a bunch of random stuff!

Beautiful girl snuggling after bath time

Cool chick!

Enjoying a kid-free date to a Badger volleyball game

Just had to document those beautiful curls just in case they go away soon!

He loves to wear his shades!

Rooting on our Packers!  I love Kase's little smirk :)

Kyla's first (and only) hair cut.  She was fine with getting her hair cut, but she hated the cape.  She got two inches cut off and needs another cut soon!

Helping Daddy shovel!
Hope you all had a great weekend!  Tyler is home sick today with a stomach bug.  He never comes home sick from work so I know he must really not feel well.  Crossing my fingers the rest of us don't get it.

Happy Monday!


  1. Great picture of you and Tyler!

  2. Those are all so cute! You look so pretty in that pic of you and Tyler :)