March 6, 2014

"Best Day Ever!"

The other night I was putting Kyla to bed and I asked her what we should do the next day.  I asked, "Should we do school?"  She replied, "Yep, it will be best day ever!"  And since then, at random times throughout the day, she will say "Mama, it's best day ever!"  I love that staying home all day because it's freezing outside and winter will never end is the best.  I can't wait to go to the park, for walks, to the zoo.  I have a feeling she will be rethinking these "best day ever" moments.

So anyway, I decided I need to start documenting these funny things she says.  Here is just a couple days worth of Kyla quotes.

I asked her to come in her bedroom to get dressed.  She didn't come so I asked again.  She yells "Mom, be patient!"

While riding in the van - "Mom, the sun is following me.  That's not nice."

After hearing Kase get up from his nap - "Don't worry Kase, sister is coming to save you!"

"Mama, you're my best friend.  Kase is Daddy's best friend."

After getting a huge spoon out to share ice cream with Daddy and me telling her she should probably get a smaller one, she spills ice cream on the floor - "I better get a smaller spoon.  You were right Mommy."

She has started asking me to rub her back when I put her to bed.  Now she says "Rub my back.  And my head.  And my belly.  And my cheeks.  And my legs."

My step dad was here putting some shelves in our basement bathroom.  She really wanted to go down and help him, but he was using the saw so I wouldn't let her.  She said "Kyla's super strong, I help Grandpa" (she recently started talking in 3rd person).

I think I might need to start a "Kyla Says" weekly post.  I love this age (minus the overly dramatic and sassy moments).  She really is the biggest sweetheart, the best daughter, and the best sister.

Here she is working on some letter C school work.  "Take my picture and show Daddy!"


  1. Kids are so funny! Mine make me laugh on a regular basis:)

  2. Hilarious!! My kids constantly say funny stuff too, but I only remember about 5% of it when I sit down to blog lol. I need to keep a notebook handy!

  3. Ah, I love it! Isn't it hilarious what comes out of their mouths? Morgan picked up "And we'll just have a lovely day!" and says it randomly throughout the day. Love it.

  4. Love it!! What a fun age, I love talking to lil kids. Definitely start a Kyla Says series :)