February 11, 2014

Preschool with Kyla - More Letter A

We continued with the letter A last week since we had more fun activities to do.  By the end of the week though, Kyla said "Mama, I want to do letter B."  Haha, so we've moved on this week!

We got our calendar updated and changed to February!

Here were a few of her workboxes.

Patterns with velcro
"Too easy, Mom!"
Apple puzzle that she got frustrated with

With some help, we finished it.
Shape puzzle with velcro (she loved this!)

She loves to use glue so we did an uppercase and lowecase A with Apple Jacks.

A spring jacket is necessary for this project ;)

Kase enjoyed the Apple Jacks :)

And before you know it, the jacket is off and her brother's winter hat is on!
Letter/Word matching - I bought the little wooden circles at Micheal's and glued the letters on.  Kyla has had fun just playing with them!

There was an uppercase and lowercase page in her drawer, but she only wanted to do the uppercase.
More scissor practice!
She enjoyed doing some Imaginets with Daddy.

She insists on wearing that pink head band every day now.

High fives!

Finished product!
I purchased ABC Mouse for her and she loves it.  She is really into the alphabet videos.  Once you get 50 tickets, you can "buy" another letter.  She has about half of the letters now and loves to buy new ones.  I think you get like 3-5 tickets just for watching the videos.  She gets iPad time at night after bath time.
We have a ton of the little Disney books.  Tyler said we should store them away because they never looked at them.  Seriously every day since then she reads them all!  Funny how that works.

On to the letter B this week!

FYI - All of the printables and letter A pages are from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler.


  1. My girls love ABC mouse too! I don't think they've found the alphabet videos though....Raya has used her tickets to purchase about 1 million outfits for her avatar though and a ton of toys for her room lol

  2. This is such an awesome post! I love the letters and applejacks idea, what an awesome way to incorporate crafts and learning:)

  3. These are all awesome ideas!! I need to start doing this more with the girls! Where do you get all the stuff?

  4. She is doing great (& so are you)! How fun! And I think she looks so grown up, Amy! We haven't seen her in so long, guess that's what happens. :-)