February 4, 2014

Preschool with Kyla - Letter A

Our first week of "school" was awesome!  Kyla asks all day every day if she can do school.  She loves it!  Sometimes she will start something and then say she doesn't want to do it anymore and she is done.  I don't force her to do it any of it.  I put different activities in her workbox every day and she goes through and picks what she wants to do.

Almost everything we are doing I got from Erica over at Confessions of a Homeschooler.  She has a four year old preschool curriculum, but most of it is very doable for Kyla.  She has a letter of the week program, which is what I planned on doing anyway.  She has so many great printables and ideas.

(Please excuse the mess in the background of many pictures.  I am still in the process of cleaning and reorganizing the basement.)

We start with our big calendar.  She LOVES putting the day's number on with velcro.  We also have the Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow chart.  We have a weather one, but we haven't started doing that yet (mostly because I haven't got them cut out or put velcro on them).

Oops :)
Here is Kyla's workbox that she goes through and picks what she wants to do.

A five drawer tote from Target
Her top drawer always has her Daily Learning Notebook along with the dry erase markers she will need.

We do the days of the week page, where she traces the word and colors in the number.  I write the number for her right now.  She loves to trace words with the dry erase markers (I have these pages laminated for each week).

We are doing one number and one shape each week, then the letter of the week page.  These aren't laminated, but she insisted on still using the dry erase markers.  Whatever :)

We are working on the correct way to hold the marker, but she gets frustrated easily with it right now.

She only wanted to do the tracing.  Mommy had to color.  She's doing great with tracing the A's!
Her second drawer on Monday had Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (one of our favorite books!) along with the letter A to hang up.

We hung up our own tree, which she loves.  We read the book at least 15 times last week and every time she stops and points at our tree and says "Just like our tree Mama!"

Each week we will add the letter that we worked on.  I lifted her up to hang the A.  She was very specific about where it should go.

Another drawer this week had some A pages with her round power magnets.  These were a huge hit!  I had a cookie sheet, but we also have a big magnetic board from Ikea for these types of things.  She likes using the cookie sheet though.

She then found the do-a-dots in her workbox.  Always a favorite!

She likes to put the wrong lid on and say "Dis right Mama?" and then laugh.
Next drawer had some coloring pages and crayons.

We got out the Imaginets last week a few different times.  She loves to do these with Daddy at night.  These aren't in a workbox drawer.  I keep them out of reach so we don't lose all the pieces.

More tracing pages...

One day a drawer had a good counting page with magnets.  This is pretty easy for Kyla, but she loves it.  You can work on colors with this, which Kyla knows already, and also different patterns.

There's a second page that goes to 10.

My mom got Kyla these Number Puzzle Boards & Pegs, which I also keep out of reach.  They are great!  She first finds the blue part with number that matches the yellow part with that number of holes.  Then puts the pegs in there.

More counting practice...I put velcro on the blank spots and then other part of the velcro on all the numbers.  She counts the seeds and puts the number that matches.  She loves anything with velcro and did great with these.  She can count to 20, but can only recognize numbers up to 10.

I had her do some cutting practice, but I don't have pictures.  I have to make sure she isn't cutting anyone's hair off.  She gets frustrated with the scissors, but this was the first time she's ever tried them.  We'll keep practicing!

She does school stuff for as long as she wants (some days it's 5 minutes, some days it's over an hour) and then is off playing.

We actually have a lot more letter A things planned so we're going to stick with it for another week.  I think this post is long enough so I'll do another one next week and then we'll start letter B.

Oh, and I will post some Tot School stuff that I've been doing with Kase.  He's not as into school as his sister.  He'd rather do this...

and this...

He sure is a cute little stinker :)


  1. Love the imaginets especially---we might need those! ;-) Love all the ideas---you are so organized! I think you need to live closer, so I can just send Brielle to your house for tot school haha

  2. LOVE this! I am planning on starting my son on some stuff in a month or so and can't wait! Thanks for all the awesome ideas!

  3. Love all of this!! Makes me excited to do this with my future children-- and I agree with Shawna. You are SO organized, I love all your ideas!!