February 10, 2014

Meal Plan Monday

I'm going back to just planning dinners.  I did really well with sticking to our dinner plans.  Lunch?  Well, Kyla pretty much ran that schedule.  She always knows what she wants and it's always something that we have and is appropriate for lunch, so I let her decide.  She wanted cereal one day for lunch, and she ate that plus fruit and yogurt.  She insisted on chicken patty on a pb&j day.  So we'll just go with the flow from now on, but I will still plan out what types of foods we'll have for shopping purposes.  Planning out dinners works well though.  No eating out.  Healthier meals.  Happy husband.  It's all good!

I usually do my grocery shopping on Sunday's.  But I'm really trying to save our family more money each month so I decided to go this week with stuff we already have.  I only bought milk and bread.  Tyler and I agreed we wouldn't eat out at all in February.  We spend an average of $90 a month eating out so that is an easy way to save more toward our dream house!  Mint.com has been our friend lately - such an easy way to budget our money!

Here we go for this week!

Monday, February 10th
Nacho supreme hamburger pasta, veggies

Tuesday, February 11th
Baked chicken and stuffing (Have I shared this recipe before?  It's super easy and delicious - definitely a favorite in our house!), veggies

Wednesday, February 12th
Breakfast for dinner - french toast, sausage

Thursday, February 13th
Spaghetti, salad, breadsticks

Friday, February 14th
Pizza (Normally we'd order out, but with us trying to save, we're going to do homemade)

And just for fun, here is Kyla enjoying one of her all time favorite meals - lasagna!

Spaghetti and lasagna call for taking the shirts off!

And our picky Kase enjoying spaghetti!

Happy Monday everyone and a very happy birthday to my oldest brother, Matt!

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