February 3, 2014

Meal Plan Monday

It's February.  The start of meal planning.  The start of saving money.  The start of healthier meals and less eating out.  I can only meal plan one week at a time.  I just can't think any farther ahead :)

I usually only planned dinners, but I'm going to attempt doing all three meals.  I made my grocery list and went shopping yesterday so I knew exactly what I needed.  This should help with my grocery budget for sure.

Monday, February 3rd
chicken nuggets, fruit, yogurt
pepperoni calzones, salad

Tuesday, February 4th
pb&j, chips, fruit
crock pot ranch pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn

Wednesday, February 5th
french toast
mac n cheese, fruit, yogurt
spaghetti, salad, garlic bread

Thursday, February 6th
pizza rolls, baby carrots
chicken bow tie pasta salad

Friday, February 7th
grilled cheese, chips, fruit

Saturday, February 8th
french toast
Gone for a late family Christmas get together

Sunday, February 9th
cinnamon rolls
sandwiches, chips, fruit
popcorn chicken, waffle fries, veggies

Snacks - graham crackers, string cheese, teddy grahams, applesauce, goldfish (Not all at once, haha).  I'm pretty flexible with snacks and let the kids choose.  They only get a morning snack usually.  They have been napping until almost 4:00-4:30 so some milk after naps usually holds them off until dinner.

I love learning new recipes so if you have some good (but fairly simple) ones, leave me a comment!  I know you probably don't care too much about what we're eating, but this helps me stay organized and accountable.

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  1. Not really a "recipe" but my life has changed since learning you can stick a whole chicken in the crockpot lol. Whole chickens are so cheap, and you just stick in in on low for the day and the meat literally falls off the bone, so you don't even have to bother with knowing how to cut up a whole chicken :-P What we've been doing is using some for chicken burritos/quesadillas for supper and then using the remaining to make chicken salad (sandwiches) that we can eat for lunches the next couple days. So easy!