February 5, 2014

Kyla's 3 Year Update

We had Kyla's 3-year checkup on Tuesday so I thought I'd get that documented on here.  I will also be posting some pictures from her birthday and also some from back in August for Kase's birthday.  I want to make sure to get them all on here...even if I'm embarrassingly late.

Anyway...Kyla is a healthy, happy, spunky 3 year old.  She weighs 34 lbs 12 oz, which is the 83rd percentile.  She is 38.5" tall, which is the 80th percentile.  She is definitely losing the baby weight and starting to look like a little girl (or a big girl if you ask her).

She's doing a great job with talking.  We can pretty much understand everything she says, although some things may be hard for other people.  I just know her language I guess :)  She will sometimes go off on a tangent and speak jibberish.  She loves singing the ABC's and making up her own songs.

She knows all her letters, numbers, shapes and colors.  She loves to learn and really retains things well.  We are working on a new letter each week, what sounds they make and how to write them.  She loves to trace letters, draw with markers, glue things, read books, and put puzzles together.  She has always gotten frustrated easily.  When she was Kase's age, she would build block towers and get so frustrated if one fell off.  She would knock the whole thing over and get mad.  She still does that with certain things.

She has the best manners.  She always says please and thank you.  She will say bless you to anyone sneezing, complete strangers and all!  She loves to snuggle and give "big hugs".  She is seriously the sweetest girl, but wow, she can be a sassy little thing.  She has timeouts, but does good with the countdown.  Usually by the time I'm between 1 and 2, she's listening or doing whatever she's supposed to be doing.  She is not a fan of timeouts AT ALL.

She is an awesome big sister to her "Kase man" (she just started calling him that and it's adorable).  She speaks for him and tells me when he wants something.  When he doesn't want his diaper changed, she sits down on the floor, rubs his head, and tells him "it's ok buddy."  She crawls in his crib every morning to play with him.  I often hear her telling him to go to timeout, but for the most part, they are squealing and laughing in there.

She has really developed a great imagination.  She has her imaginary friends and loves to make us food in her kitchen.

She loves to brush her teeth and wash her hands.  She sings the whole ABC's while she washes.  She likes to pick out her own outfits and jammies.  She is completely potty trained, nighttime and all.  She has never wet the bed ever (knock on wood).  We are so proud of her!

She goes to bed around 8:30 every night.  We have been a little more laid back about this now that I'm home again.  She has a routine that she insists on every night.  Jammies, brush teeth, shut every light off in the house, read books, go potty, get snuggled in with her two fleece blankets and two teddy's.  Daddy usually does this routine with her, but lately she's wanted Mommy to read to her.  I am silly and dance when I read :)  She gets up anywhere from 6:00-7:15 in the morning.  She usually comes in our room and crawls in bed with us until she hears Kase wake up.

Some of her favorite things - spaghetti, chocolate milk, m&m's, going for rides in the van, doing school, watching Dora, Little Einsteins and Special Agent Oso, bagels with peanut butter (you'd have this for every meal if I let you), getting her back and head rubbed, bubbles in her bath, french toast, pizza, yogurt, apples, wearing mommy's shoes, playing with her babies and dollhouse,

Some of her least favorite things - getting her fingernails clipped, flossing her teeth, timeouts, being told she can't have anymore chocolate milk, being told no with anything really, when Kase takes her toys.

Dear Kyla,

Daddy and I were just talking the other night about the day you were born.  We waited a long time for you and that day was the best of our lives.  You and your brother are the greatest gifts we could have ever asked for.  We are so thankful we have you in our lives and that you are such a good little girl.  We look at you and then look at each other and can't believe how fast you are growing up!

You are the sweetest girl in the world.  Two of my favorite things about you (there are too many to list) are your good manners and that you still love to snuggle with Mommy and Daddy.  You are so caring when someone gets hurt or feels sad.  You always tell them "It's ok, be happy".

Daddy asked you the other night if you take after Mom or Dad and you said Mom.  I think you are right.  You are silly, just like me and you constantly make us laugh.  We love to randomly break out in dance or jump around the house.  I am so thankful I get to spend every day with you and cherish all of these memories.

Thank you for being so amazing.  Thank you for being so sweet.  Thank you for being such an awesome big sister.  I love you to the moon.

Love, Mommy


  1. LOVE her little photoshoot-- cannot believe how much older/bigger she looks from the last time you were blogging all the time!! She is just adorable, and sounds like suchhhh a fun age :)

  2. She is the cutest & sounds like she has the best personality! :)

  3. I could have just copied and pasted this post and put Morgan's head on the pictures (I hope that didn't sound as creepy as I now think it does, ha!) Our girls are like twins! Oh, except for the potty training part, which mine is having none of. Sigh. Soon... Anyway, Happy 3rd Birthday to Kyla! She's looking more and more little girl and less baby :( Such a cutie pie!