February 6, 2014

Keeping it real today

Warning!  This post includes potty talk so if you don't like that sort of stuff, stop reading now.

Yesterday was the first day since I've been home again that wasn't awesome.  I never once thought "Oh, I wish I was back at school teaching 3rd graders."  But I admit, I did wish I was anywhere else but in our bathroom.  Let me tell you how our morning started...

Remember yesterday when I was talking about how awesome Kyla is doing at potty training and how she has never wet the bed?  And then I knocked on wood?  Well, she didn't wet the bed.  But she did pee all over the bathroom floor...right next to the toilet.  This is the third time she's done this.  Not sure if she doesn't make it in time or what.  The last time she thought it was funny and we had a long talk about it.  Yesterday morning she felt really bad and kept saying "Sorry Mama, sorry!"  She holds it all night and then she must just have to go so bad.  So I got her all cleaned up, the bathroom cleaned up, and went to get Kase who was waiting ever so patiently screaming at me.

I always bring him out to the living room, put some cartoons on, change his diaper and get him dressed.  I sat down on the floor to change him and felt something wet on his back.  Never. A. Good. Sign.  He had exploded his diaper all the way up his back.  I mean, all over!  So I take him to the bathroom, get him undressed and the bath ready.  He smushes his little butt up against the side of the bathtub getting poop all over.  Without going into any more detail than I already have, it ended up everywhere, including on me.  I almost vomited.  But then realized I would be the one cleaning that up too.

While wrestling him, trying to clean off as much as I could with wipes so it didn't get all over the tub, he peed all over.  Mostly on me.  Seriously kid?  You couldn't wait until you were in that nice, warm bath water?

What a crappy morning, literally!

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