February 19, 2014

I'm the kinda girl who...

Linking up with Holly today!  First time I've seen this link-up and I love it!


I'm the kinda girl who...

...Would rather go to a sporting event for date night than something romantic.

...Lets her daughter stay up a little later sometimes because I love hanging out with her.

...Loves hanging out with her son too, but he gets cranky and basically begs for bedtime.

...Color coordinates her planner.

...Gives in to temptation way too easily when it comes to sweets.

...Loves bubble baths and takes one almost every night.

...Would rather stay home with my family than go out.

...Loves to teach my kids new things.

...Loves to find new blogs.

...Isn't really a "hug person".  I don't mind if someone hugs me, but I'm not the type to initiate it.

...Never thought I would have a blog.

...Loves to act silly with my kids.

...Likes to please people (a little too much) - something I'm working on!

...Cannot make a decision to save my life.

...Has to sleep with a fan.

...Has to check on  both kids before I go to sleep and cover Kase up with his blanket.

...Is very hard on myself.

...Cares too much about what others think.

...Never wanted a pet, but lately been thinking it would be fun to have a dog or cat (my husband would NEVER go for this).

...Thinks life is too short to not let my kids eat cookies at 10 in the morning.

What kind of girl are YOU?

I'm also a girl who is obsessed with Instagram, but don't have many friends on there yet.  Leave me a comment if you're a fellow Instagram lover.  I'm "amykattre"


  1. Love this post & seeing you back in the blog world! I need to get back into the swing of blogging again!!!

    I'm on instagram! jess62604

  2. I amy! So nice to meet 'you' through such a fun LinkUp... I am the same way when it comes to checking my Kiddies...I double and triple check...they never stay under the covers!

  3. i love this! found you through the linkup :) i also love sporting events.. my husband and i go to almost every home BYU basketball/football game. so fun! and i'm the same way checking on my little guy before i go to sleep.. i even have the monitor on and check on him through out the night haha i too love instagram, so follow along (@amylynn188) if you feel so inclined.

  4. I have literally no willpower when it comes to sweets of any kind! :)