February 13, 2014

Christmas 2013

Sorry guys, it's another catch up blog post today.  Just a few pictures from our Christmas 2013!

Kyla loved helping with the decorating this year.

I thought about doing elf on the shelf this year, but we decided not to.  I know Kyla would have gotten a kick out of waking up each morning to see what the elf was up to, but she wouldn't really understand it all.  So I'm saving it for next Christmas.  And can't wait!

I didn't take too many pictures.  Just a couple to show how loved these two awesome kids are and always have these memories.

I tried hard to get a good sibling picture.

Ugh, darn cracker.  It's the only way he'd sit still.

This about sums it all up :)
We were able to see lots of family over the holidays, but we always spend Christmas morning at home, just the 4 of us.  I'm already looking forward to Christmas 2014.  Can we get some warm weather though first?


  1. I love Kase with food in his hand. Aren't you finding that's what he is all about? Leo is *all* about eating, haha!

  2. Love all the pics in front of the tree :) Those are the 'good' pictures I think... the not quite posed ones, but the ones that truly capture their personalities at that age!!