February 24, 2014

Our Favorite Educational Toys

Sorry for the lack of posts.  I may not be around here much this week either.  We have our realtor and a photographer coming over Thursday morning to take pictures.  We've been busy doing some painting, taking stuff off walls, cleaning walls, cleaning woodwork, etc.  The rest of my week will be eliminating clutter, cleaning windows and cleaning the same things up 185 times.

Yep, this about sums it up.
Since I love reading other mom's blogs and seeing what fun things they do with their kids, I thought I would put together a list of our favorite toys.  I am always looking for fun, but educational, toys for the kids.  So leave me a comment if you have any that you think we'd like!  I've done a post previously for our favorite iPad apps, which I could probably update because we have some new ones since then.  But feel free to share those too :)

Imaginets (I mentioned these in my Preschool posts, but we love them!)

KidKraft Kitchen - Both kids love this and play with it daily.  I love seeing their imaginations at work.
Counting Bears - We have had these for a long time, but still love them and use them for so many different things.

Bead Maze - I can't find the exact one that we have.  I think we got it at Target.

All Melissa & Doug Puzzles - They're just the best!

Can you tell we LOVE Melissa & Doug?  I keep these in a lower cabinet in the kitchen.  Kase usually plays with them while I'm cooking dinner.

What are some of your favorites?

February 19, 2014

I'm the kinda girl who...

Linking up with Holly today!  First time I've seen this link-up and I love it!


I'm the kinda girl who...

...Would rather go to a sporting event for date night than something romantic.

...Lets her daughter stay up a little later sometimes because I love hanging out with her.

...Loves hanging out with her son too, but he gets cranky and basically begs for bedtime.

...Color coordinates her planner.

...Gives in to temptation way too easily when it comes to sweets.

...Loves bubble baths and takes one almost every night.

...Would rather stay home with my family than go out.

...Loves to teach my kids new things.

...Loves to find new blogs.

...Isn't really a "hug person".  I don't mind if someone hugs me, but I'm not the type to initiate it.

...Never thought I would have a blog.

...Loves to act silly with my kids.

...Likes to please people (a little too much) - something I'm working on!

...Cannot make a decision to save my life.

...Has to sleep with a fan.

...Has to check on  both kids before I go to sleep and cover Kase up with his blanket.

...Is very hard on myself.

...Cares too much about what others think.

...Never wanted a pet, but lately been thinking it would be fun to have a dog or cat (my husband would NEVER go for this).

...Thinks life is too short to not let my kids eat cookies at 10 in the morning.

What kind of girl are YOU?

I'm also a girl who is obsessed with Instagram, but don't have many friends on there yet.  Leave me a comment if you're a fellow Instagram lover.  I'm "amykattre"

February 18, 2014

February Favorite Things

I love looking around for new blogs to follow.  I recently found Erika's and decided to link up with her and Andrea for their monthly favorite things post.  Here are three things that I'm loving this month for under $10!

My Old Navy cozy socks.  Because well, winter is NEVER going to end.  We got another 5-6 inches of snow last night and have another storm coming Thursday with freezing rain and snow.  Oh joy.  At least my feet are nice and cozy :)

I know I'm a little late to the EOS lip balm party, but I sure am glad I joined.  I love this stuff.  That is when I can find it after Kyla stealing it from me.  I'm thinking we will need to get one of her own at our next Target stop!

Target fleece lined leggings!  These are actually just over $10, but with my Target card I got them for less than $10.  I bought two pair awhile ago and I absolutely love them!

Here's to hoping my March Favorite Things post will be some Springy things, not all these cold weather necessities!  Go on over and link up and share your favorite things under 10 bucks!

February 17, 2014

Spring Cleaning (sort of)

We had a realtor come over Thursday to talk about selling our house.  I spent the entire day cleaning, de-cluttering, and filling our garbage bin full of trash!  It felt amazing to get some of this done.  I know I didn't need to do it for an initial conversation with a realtor.  But once I got started, there was just no stopping me!

Hopefully we will be putting our house on the market this spring.  Once all the snow melts, we can get some pictures and get the ball rolling.  Not sure that will EVER happen though.

We have looked a lot at new houses.  We've found a few that interest us, but we really want to focus on selling ours.  We don't want to fall in love with a house and then feel desperate to sell and then have to accept less for it.  Not really looking forward to the stress of it all, but I'm also very excited about the thought of a new, bigger house!  So we'll see what happens with all this.

We didn't do a whole lot this weekend.  We took a drive Saturday to drive to a few towns and neighborhoods to see if we'd be interested in living there and having our kids grow up there.  It's fun to look!

Yesterday I went on a much needed shopping trip to Target.  It's weird - I use to think of Target as a mini vacation.  But lately, I've just dreaded going.  Not sure what my deal is.  I knew it was Sunday.  I knew everyone and their mom goes there on Sunday's.  And I was right.  I couldn't even get up and down the grocery aisles!  I came home to Kase sleeping in his room, and these three sleeping in our bed.

Speaking of Sunday's...it's crazy how much I love them now.  When I was teaching, I hated Sunday's.  I was stressed the entire day.  Getting the house clean before the start of a new week, often having to go into school to work, stressing about the upcoming school week and having an overwhelming amount of stuff to do, but most of all, being so sad that I had to leave the kids in the morning.  At about 5:00 every Sunday night, I would get so sad.  I just wanted to wake up in the morning and NOT have to say goodbye to the kids.  So now that I'm home again, I love Sunday's.  They are the relaxing day that they are supposed to be!  My mom asked me the other day if I have any regrets about giving up my teaching job.  That's easy - NO!  I seriously am so happy right now.  I feel bad that I left mid-year, but I really think I needed that experience in my life.  It made me realize how much I need to be home with my babies.  I love every single second with them.  I'm thankful I had that experience and thankful for the support of my family.

The new teacher that took over my classroom texted me over the weekend.  She had a few questions, but then she said that the kids have been begging her to see if I could come visit.  So I plan on taking the kids this week to visit.  My 3rd graders never got to meet Kyla and Kase, which they asked about every week, so they will be excited!

What else did we do this weekend?  Chair rides of course!

Kyla helped Daddy shovel snow!

Although I'm not sure how much help she was.  She took the snow from the giant piles and poured it on the sidewalk, haha.

Hope you all had a great weekend!  We're looking forward to some days in the 30's this week!

February 13, 2014

Christmas 2013

Sorry guys, it's another catch up blog post today.  Just a few pictures from our Christmas 2013!

Kyla loved helping with the decorating this year.

I thought about doing elf on the shelf this year, but we decided not to.  I know Kyla would have gotten a kick out of waking up each morning to see what the elf was up to, but she wouldn't really understand it all.  So I'm saving it for next Christmas.  And can't wait!

I didn't take too many pictures.  Just a couple to show how loved these two awesome kids are and always have these memories.

I tried hard to get a good sibling picture.

Ugh, darn cracker.  It's the only way he'd sit still.

This about sums it all up :)
We were able to see lots of family over the holidays, but we always spend Christmas morning at home, just the 4 of us.  I'm already looking forward to Christmas 2014.  Can we get some warm weather though first?

February 12, 2014

Kase's 1st Birthday

Kase's birthday was August 24th, which was right around the time I took my blogging break.  So I wanted to make sure I got these pictures on here.

We didn't do anything extravagant.  Just had our immediate family over to our house for a cookout.  If I remember correctly, it was like 90 degrees so we ended up spending a lot of time inside.  We don't have any good trees for shade :(

We all got a kick out of this.  Little Gianna was pulling her big sister Emma and Kyla!

The guys hanging out, sweating, and trying to hide from my camera.

Singing for the birthday boy!

He had lots of help with his cupcake and presents!

My sweet boy is growing up so fast!

Time for presents!

We had a baseball theme!

Emma helping him ride his new Thomas train

And the birthday boy is ready for a nap!
A simple, but fun birthday with family - all we need!

He will be going for his 18 month appointment in a few weeks so I will do an update then!