January 29, 2014


I keep going back and forth on whether to make my blog private.  I hear stories all the time about weirdos stealing pictures and using them for lord knows what.  I also hear that on Facebook and everything else.  And I feel like no matter how "private" you are with your pictures, if someone really wants them, there is a way to get them.  So the only real private thing to do is never post online.  But what fun is that, right?

Facebook has been driving me crazy lately.  So much that I actually deactivated my account.  But then I realized I needed it for my Thirty-One business so I had to reactivate.  I didn't miss it at all though.  I'm not sure exactly what it is, but people just annoy me.  I'll leave it at that.  So I decided to just not post much on there, but keep it for business purposes.  I'd rather post on my blog where some day my kids can read it and have a huge scrapbook (since I am horrible about creating "actual" scrapbooks).  People can still comment, but nothing like the annoying crap on Facebook.  Oops, forgot, I was done with that.  Anyway...

There are just certain people that I don't care to know everything about our lives.  It's weird to say that when I have a blog and the whole world can read.  But most of my Facebook friends don't know this blog exists and even if they did before, they have stopped reading since I stopped posting.  So do I make it private so I can decide who reads it?

But I love meeting new bloggers.  It's one of my favorite things about blogging and that won't happen if I go private.  I mean new people could request to read my blog, but I won't know anything about them and if I just say yes, what's the point of really keeping it private?

So what are your thoughts on this?  I'm thinking I will just keep it the way it is and if my real life friends stumble upon it, so be it (Don't worry friends that already read it, it's just a generalization, not specific to anyone).  I like to post my real thoughts without worrying about who's reading and if I'll offend anyone.  I guess this goes along with one of my resolutions for 2014 - Stop worrying about what other people think.  I have always lived my life wondering and caring what other people think.  The only people that matter will love me no matter what I say/do.  So that is how I've decided to live my life.  Being me.  Being happy.

Lastly tonight, since I feel like every post should have at least one picture, here is one from tonight.  Some blurry sibling love right here :)

And now I lied because I just posted to Facebook.  I had to share that Kyla now has an imaginary friend named Quincy.  He goes everywhere with us.  Tonight I shut the van door before he got out and Kyla said I was in big trouble.  Seriously love this age :)


  1. To my knowledge I've never had any problems with having a public blog so I plan to keep it that way (for all the reasons you mentioned!) The only time I suspected something weird was after I posted potty training pictures of Raya---so I am just careful not to post any pics like that anymore. I've heard the horror stories about people taking blog pics and pretending the kid is theirs etc, but for some reason that doesn't really bother me haha. I mean, it's weird, but doesn't really affect me at all if it's just a picture. Especially if all the pictures I post are totally harmless. Not like I post their SS# under the photo or anything hehe.

  2. I worry about that too sometime, but honestly I think as long as you watch what you post, make sure you don't post too personal info like last name or town, specific stuff like that. And like you said, if you don't talk about your blog a lot or advertise it, I think that helps too. Like with mine, I mean I know random people that stumble along it will read, but I NEVER openly talk about blogging on FB or in person with anyone. Only a few of my friends know about it. I know a few select people, like family, who DO read it and I feel awkward asking, hey you want an invitation to read my blog!? Like I am so important lol I'd rather just leave it open for people to read if they want or don't. But I totally get where you are coming from!

  3. I'm right there with you -- And I haven't come up with a good answer either (oh look, I'm gonna stop blogging! No, wait...I'm not gonna stop!) lol. I'm annoyed with FB too. I get tired of reading people's verbal diarrhea in my newsfeed - and it's always the same people. Ugh. Or people trying to push an agenda/product repeatedly. I say keep your blog!!! And I'm sending my kids to your house for Tot School ;-)

  4. glad to see your back bloggin :) ive missed all your fun tot school posts!

    but im the same, I used to worry..but my blog is pretty small and I don't worry to much. I try not to post super personal stuff though, like where exactly we live or stuff like that just in case. I mostly instagram these days anyway

  5. Amy, I have gone through this same thing! I deleted my Facebook account and LOVED it! It was so freeing! But then, I too realized I needed it for my business, which is the *only* reason I went back on. I made the mistake of deleting all my friends when I went back on because I just didn't want to have it for that purpose. I guess I shouldn't say it was a mistake, but then I started adding some back on and in the end I think I offended some people because they don't know the reason I deleted them. The only people that did were those that read my blog or that I talked to about it. And, as you know, I then went private on my blog after I found pictures of myself and the girls on another guy's FB page. I will tell you I enjoyed being open on my blog more than private, but like you there were somethings that I didn't want certain people reading. I am like you in that I tend to worry too much about what others think… drives Joe CRAZY! With all of this said, my advice, go with your gut, but I have debated going back to being an open blog. I miss those relationships with other blogger friends. I feel like now whenever I post that nobody is reading and while my main purpose is to have this for my kids, I'm not going to lie, I loved knowing others were reading and would comment.

  6. Haha I agree with people driving you crazy.. I have so many friends on facebook who love to argue and spew their opinions all over everyone else's page!
    Your kiddos are just too cute.. I loved seeing them at Christmas!