January 19, 2014

One more week!

One week left of teaching!  Although the last 5 months seem like a blur, I kind of forget what it's like to be home all day, every day.  But I'm excited!  Here are just a few things I'm looking forward to (in no particular order):

1.  Not hearing that dreaded alarm clock go off at 5:00 every morning.  Waiting for Kyla to come crawl in bed with me and say, "Wake up, Mama!" will be a much better start to my days.

2.  Not driving two hours a day!  Tyler and I were just talking the other day about how many miles we have on our vehicles.  He bought his truck in January 2010.  I bought my van in May 2012.  Both were basically brand new and I have caught up to him in miles.  That's crazy.  Putting over 100 miles every day on will do that I guess.

3.  The obvious...spending every minute with my kids and raising them.  I will never get these years back.  Only seeing them for 3 hours every night, which includes having to make dinner, eat dinner, clean up dinner, and give baths, just isn't what our family wants.

4.  Starting "Pre-School" with Kyla.  The girl is already really smart, but the best part is she loves to learn (and spend time with Mommy of course).  She knows all the colors, shapes, numbers and can recognize every letter.  I have many fun things planned.  I have it planned out as a letter of the week theme, but we will do a lot more too.  Since she can recognize them, we will start working on the sounds each letter makes.  Much more on this later.  But don't worry, I'm not a slave driver.  I know what my daughter enjoys and she is going to absolutely love this stuff!

5.  Starting Tot School with Kase.  I feel so bad for Kase.  I feel like he has gotten the shaft.  He is behind on his talking so we will be working a lot on new words, animal noises, etc.  I just feel bad that I haven't spent time with him on all of these important things.  I mean we do when we're just playing, but I did so much more with Kyla.  I'm excited to give him new "toys" that will help him develop all of his skills.  Most importantly, I'm just excited to spend more time with him!

6.  Meal planning.  I have attempted meal planning, but with such busy schedules, it's been difficult.  So I'm looking forward to planning things out, which in turn, saves us money (and makes us eat better).  I make a plan for the week, know exactly what I need when I go to the store rather than buying a bunch of random crap.

7.  Saving money.  It seems strange that I won't working anymore, but we might actually save more money each month.  To be completely honest, by the time we paid daycare, I had to spend a lot of the rest of my income on gas.  Sad, huh?  We are looking to sell our house and buy a bigger one so I am really going to focus on how our family can save more.

8.  Putting less of a burden on Tyler.  He has been 100% supportive of my decision to go back to teaching.  Since I had to leave so early in the morning, him and the kids were still sleeping.  So he had to get them up, fed, dressed and off to daycare, which made him get to work later each day.  Then when I had to work late or had meetings, conferences, whatever, he had to leave work early.  He did not mind doing it at all, but he has a busy job and works extremely hard.  He stays up way past the rest of us putting in another 2-3 hours of work.  The guy is incredible.  So I am happy that I can lessen his load.

9.  Get into shape.  Enough said.  No more excuses!

10.  Maybe, MAYBE, we can think about baby #3.  Maybe.

    5 more days!


  1. So glad you are back blogging! I actually almost took a fulltime job but then last minute decided it wasn't the best option for our family. It's hard, but you have to do what's best!! We are trying to move this year and also talking baby #3!! Can't wait to hear more and follow along this year :)


  2. Lots of great stuff to look forward to!! And eek, baby #3!?! haha---super mom! :-)

  3. I'm so excited for you! I hope this last week goes by quickly!