January 31, 2014

Disney On Ice

Last Saturday I took Kyla and her cousins, Emma and Gianna, to Disney on Ice.  We went to one down by Chicago so my aunt Sharon could meet us and go along.  We had a blast!

The girls got just a little spoiled.  That's what Auntie's are for :)

Ready for the show!

Not a good picture, but it's the memories that matter :)

Three cutest redheads I've ever seen!

If you've ever thought about going, I highly recommend it.  It was a great show and the girls loved it.  Mickey and Minnie came out on the ice a couple minutes into the show.  Aunt Sharon had bought Kyla a huge light up Mickey spinner thing so Kyla was standing up, holding it out, screaming "Mickey, LOOK.  Look Mickey!"  And then at one point Mickey fell down (on purpose) and Kyla yelled "Mick, you ok?"  She loved it and is still talking about it a week later!  We need to go back next year and take Daddy and Kase!


  1. I took my daughters and their Brownie Girl Scout troop there last year in Milwaukee! They had a blast and enjoyed every minute of it. I'm glad your girls got to experience it.

  2. We could all use a little more Disney in our lives! I remember getting so excited when Disney on Ice came to town, we haven't been in a few years but I can't wait to hopefully take my youngest soon!