July 3, 2013

Since we've been gone...

Or I guess it should say since I've been gone.  Gone from the blog world.  This is what's been going on...

Kase turned 10 months old on June 24th.  I need to get his monthly post up because he has been up to a lot of new things that I want to make sure to get documented.  My little man is growing up way too fast!

Kyla had her first dentist appointment.  It went as expected, which was that she would hate every second of it.  Except the fun toys they have in the waiting area and that she got two bouncy balls afterwards.  But the dentist said her teeth couldn't look any better.  They are perfect!  She does a great job when we brush at home, but I think she was just tired and scared of the ladies with the masks over their mouths.  We go back on her 3rd birthday and hopefully she'll be a little more comfortable.

We had Tyler's 30th birthday party at the bowling alley where we play sand volleyball.  We rented out the deck area and the volleyball courts.  It ended up being great weather and a really good time!

She had 3 full volleyball courts of sand to play in!

"Bumpa" - Her favorite guy (besides Daddy)
We had a family blind date with one of my favorite bloggers, Shawna.  She blogged about our meeting over here.  We met about half way between where we both live.  We started out at a jumpy place, which was a lot of fun.  Kyla wasn't quite sure about the slides at first, but as soon as she saw Raya and Brielle go down, she was all about it.  I told Tyler before they got there that he would know Brielle when he saw her.  Her and Kyla had matching outfits :)

As you can see from the picture, Kyla did not want to leave the jumpy place!

How cute are their matching outfits though?  And yes, we planned it :)
Then we went to an indoor waterpark.  It was perfect for little ones, but there are also some really fun slides for bigger kids.

I got to go up a few times and take Kyla down the slide, but for the most part I stayed down with Kase and pushed him in the stroller.

Shawna and her family!

Tyler and Kyla joined them.  I thought this would be an alright picture, but I clearly need a lens that can zoom a little farther :)

Kyla loves playing with kids so she followed Raya and Brielle around for a good part of the day.

Matching swim suits too?  Duh!

Raya and Brielle were sharks and they were "getting" Kyla.

It was such a fun day!  I want to do an adult only meet-up with Shawna and her husband Lee since we didn't get much of a chance to actually visit.  Tyler and Lee got a chance to chat though and Tyler had a great time!

I went through our entire house and sold all our junk stuff we don't use anymore, minus baby stuff since we may need that again some day.  My mom, sister-in-law, and I did a garage sale together.  It felt amazing to get rid of all that stuff!  I only have two boxes to take to Goodwill!

The girls had a lemonade stand with cookies!
I also have been busy reorganizing.  One big project was this very cramped and unorganized closet.

The time that I probably should be spending blogging, I have been watching one of my all time favorite shows.  Big Brother!  Anyone else watch it?  I freaking love it!

The only other show I am watching right now is the Bachelorette.  Now matter how stupid or ridiculous it is, I still watch.  Oh, and have I mentioned that I read all the spoilers so I know exactly what's going to happen on every episode?  Yep, that probably makes me a huge dork.

Tyler's mom has been here since Sunday and getting lots of quality time in with the kids.  Kyla has been pretty spoiled.  She will be very sad to see Grandma go!

Tyler and I are going to Chicago at the end of the month for a 5K.  So this isn't the best time for me to stop running and working out.  I have been such a slacker the last couple of weeks.  And eating like crap is not a good combination.  I need to get back on track!

We have been enjoying our little pool and sand box in the backyard.  Kyla could sit out there for hours and play.  We are loving summer!

Well, that's all I have for today.  Hopefully it won't be another two weeks before I post again.  I need to get Kase's 10 month post up before he is 11 months!

Have a great 4th of July everyone!


  1. Maybe we can all start out running and then when the boys and their longer legs get far enough in front we can "run" slower? I am so not running enough either!
    I love seeing all the fun things you guys are doing this summer. It's so much better than the cold winter!

  2. I've been wondering where you've been and how the new job is working out? Looks like you guys have been busy - isn't summer the best??

  3. Oh m gee...Lol I'm loving big brother and this new mvp twist is awesome :)

    Looks like you have been up to some fun summer stuff