July 6, 2013

Kase - 10 Months

Dear Kase,

Your mama is so bad.  You turned 10 months on June 24th and I am just now posting this.  But the important thing is that I'm posting it.  You have been so busy in the last month that I wanted to make sure to get it documented.  Plus we needed to do our fun little photo shoot!

You still amaze me with how happy you are.  Wherever we go or whatever we do, you are happy.  You are just so chill all the time.  The only time you get really upset is that minute that you can see your bottle, but we need to sit down and start feeding you.  You want it NOW!

Only two more months (less than that now) until your 1st birthday!  I need to start doing some party planning!  I just can't believe you are going to be one already.  I love you so much and am loving every second of watching you grow up!

Happy 10 months little man!

Love, Mama

(as of 7/6/13)
I didn't weigh you or measure you since you are sleeping, but if I had to guess, you are at least 25 pounds, probably closer to 26.
Weight: 24 lb 9 oz (99th percentile)
Height:  30.75 inches (100th percentile)
Head: 47.2 cm (94th percentile)
Diaper SizeSize 4
Clothes Size: 24 months and 2T pajamas
Shoe Size: 4's are too tight but 5's are just a tad big
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Teeth:  4 on top and 4 on bottom
Next Doctor Appointment: August 27th (12 month checkup)

You are waking up between 6:00 and 6:30.  Once in awhile you will go back to sleep right after your bottle. But most mornings you are wide awake and ready to party with Mickey!  You go down for a morning nap around 9:30 until about 11:30.  You then take an afternoon nap around 2:00.  Depending on how long your other naps were, you sometimes need a little cat nap around 5:00.  You are in bed by 8:00 every night and go to sleep without a fuss!

You still eat bottles every 2-3 hours and you're eating 6-7 ounces each time.  You're eating purees twice a day and some random finger foods that we give you.  We've tried giving you some noodles that we were having, but you had a hard time swallowing them.  You love the yogurt melts!  You basically just play with the food and very little actually gets into your mouth.  You still have a sensitive gag reflex so we're taking real foods slowly.  You're clearly not taking any hurt in the eating department :)

~You started out army crawling and eventually got the strength to get up on your knees and crawl!
~When you crawl, your sister gets down and crawls next to you.
~She likes to tell you which way to go all around the house.
~You also started pulling yourself up to your knees and then quickly up to your feet.
~You still love your nuk.
~You love to suck on a sippy cup, but I don't think you're getting anything out yet.
~You spit your food out at mommy and daddy.  This is helping you learn "no" very fast!
~You started clapping your hands!
~You got your first real bruise on the side of your head.  You pulled yourself up on the TV stand and then fell and hit your head on the door knob.
~You went swimming for the first time!
~You love swinging at the park.
~You get really excited when Mickey comes on.
~You reach out your arms to pretty much anyone.
~You still like to pull your sisters hair, especially in the double stroller when you're sitting behind her.
~You love when Mama sings to you.
~You and Kyla laugh at each other in the van and it's the cutest thing.
~You will eat anything you can get your hands on, but your favorite are Kyla's shoes.
~You need a haircut, which I think I will do next week!
~You are talking a lot!  I have heard "Mama", "Dada", "Gaga", and "Baba"
~You like to imitate noises that we make.
~You are giving fives!

Happy 10 months Kase!  I have a feeling you might be walking when I post again at 11 months!


  1. Yay Kase! He's getting so big!
    I have a little guy at daycare who is the same age as Kase (will be 10 months on the 19th) and he's having a hard time with food too!

  2. Oh my goodness, can you believe our baby boys are going to be a *year* soon?!? It makes me want to cry!

    LB does the same thing with the bottle as soon as he sees the thing, haha! They do sound like they would get a long so well; we'd just have to make sure there is more than one bottle of milk sitting around. ;)

  3. Such a cutie- can't believe he's this big already! And he's a smart boy-- loves his Mickey! ;)