June 5, 2013

Survival Mode

If you're friends with me on Facebook, you probably saw the picture I posted yesterday of Kyla where she looked like death.  She is so sick.  Poor thing.

This morning while Tyler was at work and before I could get her into the doctor, I literally felt like I was in survival mode after being up every two hours with Kyla and having her and Kase both screaming and needing their Mama.

She started feeling sick yesterday morning and had a fever all night and all day today.  She ate breakfast Tuesday morning, but hasn't really eaten anything since then.  She won't drink and cries if we ask her to have some milk or water.  Tyler bought some Capri Suns, which she's never had any juice before so she likes that, but it's still a struggle to get her to drink.

The doctor said her tonsils are really red and inflamed and have spots on them, but the initial strep test came back negative.  They will call us with the 24 hour test if it's positive.  But the doctor thinks she has hand, mouth & foot disease.  Usually they will have blisters on their hands or feet, which she doesn't have.  The doctor said that the fever and sore throat comes first and the blisters could still be coming.  She also said day three is usually the worst.  That is tomorrow.  Oh joy!

Since it wasn't strep, she couldn't give us any antibiotics.  So she is having us alternate between ibuprofen and tylenol every four hours to help with the discomfort so she will drink some fluids.  She didn't pee for a long time today, but we got her to drink almost three Capri Suns (throughout the whole night) so we're hoping she'll start peeing again.

She is just so miserable.  She walks around like a zombie, just whining and wanting to be held.  Luckily Tyler came home to help out this afternoon with Kase.  She just wants me to hold her every second.  But even when I'm holding her she is crying.  She points to her mouth and says "dis" and gives me the look like "Mama, why aren't you doing anything?"  I wish I could make her feel better.

We had sand volleyball tonight so Tyler stayed home and let me go play.  I know I brag about how awesome he is, but seriously, he is the best.  He knew I needed a little break, especially since we caught Kase sucking on Kyla's milk cup yesterday and he wouldn't eat tonight.  I think I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.

Isn't he cute with his new little shoes?

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week.  Sick babies kind of consume your life.  I just hope Kase doesn't get this because it won't be so easy to force him to drink.  I'm also hoping everyone is healthy by Saturday because we have a wedding up north!


  1. Oh you poor thing...and poor Kyla! Breaks your heart when they are sick, esp when there's not much you can do to fix it. Just keep cuddling her and give her a hug from me! I hope she's over it soon and Kase man doesn't get it.

  2. OMG you are the 3rd person who has mentioned this hand, foot, mouth disease! My niece has it (she's 2) and my friends little girl who is 20 months...my friend lives out here and my Sister is in OK, but both their pediatrician's said it's going around like crazy right now. I've been hearing from them how miserable it is :( Poor girl. I hope she feels better soon! My sister said after day 4 it starts getting a little better....hang in there girl!

  3. Oh man... I am feeling so bad for all of you as I read this. :( It broke my heart when I read that Kyla points to her mouth wondering why you aren't doing anything. It's so hard when they don't understand.

    I really hope Kase does not get this too.

  4. You poor thing! Praying everyone gets better soon :(

  5. Hope she is feeling better!! Hugs!!

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