June 14, 2013

Potty Training - First Steps

Don't get too excited.  We are definitely not potty trained yet.  But we are making progress and I am so proud of Kyla!

Yesterday I put pull-ups on her and started asking her and just taking her to the bathroom about every half hour.  Oh, by the way, she is sitting on the regular toilet.  She thinks the little toilet is a toy so I decided to avoid that altogether.  So I bought one that sits on the toilet so she can sit by herself and not worry about falling in.  I can't find it online anywhere, but I bought it at Target.  It's squishy and she loves it.  I really think it's helped her get excited about going.

Basically every time I put her on the toilet, she goes.  With the exception of a few times because she just went in the pull-up.  The problem is that sometimes I can't get her on the toilet soon enough because I'm feeding Kase or whatever and by the time we get in there, her pull-up is wet.  So I'm happy that she's going when I put her on there, but she is not telling me she needs to go.  If I ask her, she will say yes or no.  But if I don't ask her, she will go in the pull-up.

Since we aren't going anywhere this weekend, my plan is to really work on it.  Tyler will be home so one of us can really stay on top of it.  I'm going to put regular underwear on her so if she does pee before we get her in there, she will feel it and not like it.  I'm hoping that will help to get her to tell us ahead of time.  I got the Resolve ready!  What a lovely Father's Day present for Tyler, right?  I guess if it means we buy half the number of diapers we're currently buying, he will actually really appreciate it.

Like I said, we are definitely not potty trained, but I am proud of her so far.  I really think this weekend we will make some good progress.  I need to buy her some Dora undies though.  She has Dora on her pull-ups and is obsessed.  I'm afraid Elmo just isn't going to cut it.  So wish us luck!  Hopefully I will have a good update for you all on Monday!

And now I will leave you with some pictures from yesterday.  We didn't do anything special, but Kyla let me braid her hair and putting a dress on her was much easier when pulling her pull-up down every 30 minutes :)

Staring contest

I asked her to give Kase a block and this is the reaction I got.

She said "Hmmm"

"Here Ace"

Happy brother!
Oh and here are my cool cats from last night...

Have a great Father's Day weekend everyone!


  1. What some unsolicited advice? haha, probably not. It was a long time ago. But for my kids, switching to underwear right away worked like a charm. Pull ups probably don't feel all that different to her than diapers. Dora panties will be much more comfortable. I always took my kids to the store to pick out their own.Have several pairs!
    Put a little step next to the toilet so she can get there on her own. Remember, the goal of potty training is to get her to do it, not to add more stress to your busy day :) Good Luck!
    Aunt Linda

    1. Having her pee all over the carpet while trying to take care of Kase at the same time was more stressful than letting her wear pull-ups and taking her in to the toilet. We will go the underwear route this weekend when Tyler is here to help :)

      Plus I just wanted to get her to actually pee in the toilet first. She would sit there forever and refuse to go before. Now she is going right away.

  2. I found cute Dora undies at Target. Now to just put them to use...

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