June 3, 2013

Owen's birthday party

My cousin Erica's son turned two and they decided to have a little party for him at the Wilderness in Wisconsin Dells.  They live in Minnesota so we don't get to see them very often.  My mom and step dad got a hotel room for the night, but since we only had about an hour drive, we decided to just make it a day trip.  It's just so much easier to sleep in your own beds!

We got there right around noon and ate lunch and played for awhile.  It was fun to watch Kyla and Owen play together.  They bonded over balloons and cell phones!

I think Owen was wondering why this "baby" was almost as big as him.

I don't know what is going on here, but they were having fun :)

Kase playing with Aunt Joan!

Sitting outside with the big kids :)


Owen did such a good job of posing for my pictures.  Maybe he can teach his cousin a thing or two!

Owen went down for a nap so we tried to put Kase down.  But he was not having it and I was afraid he'd wake Owen up so we decided to just head to the water park.  I took Kase in the little toddler area and set him down in a little bit of water.  He did NOT like it one bit.  I think it was a combination of all the people and him just being so tired.  So my mom just held him and he ended taking a good nap on her lap, which was so nice!  Tyler and I could play with Kyla and not have to stress about him being fussy.

This was one of the indoor parks.  It was so ridiculously hot in there, you could barely breathe.  I found a fun toddler outside so my mom, Kase and Brian sat in the shade where it was nice and cool.
She had so much fun!  I can't wait for our water park / blogger meet up at the end of June with Shawna and her family!

This slide was really hard to climb up and she didn't like it very much for some reason.
She kept getting out of the pool, getting back in, sitting in the water, then getting back out.

This slide kept her occupied for at least an hour.  I swear she went down this thing 75 times.  And she said "WEEE" on the way down and "ONE MORE" after every single time.

She was bound to have a big forehead with Tyler and I as parents.  Poor thing.  But she's still beautiful as ever :)
Someone woke up...just in time to go home!

I had a few people ask on Facebook about where I got our swim suits.  Kyla and Kase's are both from Gymboree.  Kase's has sharks on it, but you can't see them in any pictures.  Mine I got the other night from Target.  I'm very picky about suits, but I love this one!  Kyla's floral tank top and jean capris are also from Gymboree.  Kase's navy cargo shorts are Gymboree and his shirt is Old Navy.

And I got to wear a couple of my new things that I got last weekend!

Bad picture, sorry!  Shirt and shorts are both Old Navy.  The shorts have little flowers on them .
More new clothes to wear today when I start my new job!  Wish me luck!


  1. Amy, you look fantastic!

    Haha, I can't believe Kase is almost as big as Owen! Kase is just so stinkin' cute, as is Kyla. :)

    I was just telling my mom how I need to get Leo a long-sleeved swim suit for when the pool opens up in town next week, as well as one of those hats, since we will be spending a lot of time out in the sun. Did you get the hat at Gymboree too?

    1. Thanks, Bri!

      Sorry, forgot about his hat! That is from Old Navy. I saw some suits at Target the other night for boys too that were cute and they had the matching shirts. There's also a really cute orange and blue octopus one on sale at Gymboree (plus a few others). But try to find a 20% off your entire purchase so you can get it even cheaper! They do have cute hats too :)

    2. Ohh... thanks! I am heading over there to check out the sale now. If I find a 20% off coupon, they will take that with sale items too? (And, do you just google to try and find a code?)

  2. Cute pics! When did Kase get all that hair?! Seems like a ton came in overnight! :-)

    Love all Kyla's outfits. The girls definitely need to wear their matching swimsuits when we go at the end of the month!!

  3. So much fun!! I love the pic of Kyla with the cell phone and her lil legs crossed haha... a look into your future! ;) So glad you guys had so much fun!