June 20, 2013

Daddy's 30th Birthday

Tyler turned 30 today and I think he had a pretty good birthday!  We got him two cards, one of which was a musical one.  Kyla played with it all day and she was really excited to surprise him with it!

I worked this morning so I was able to meet Tyler for lunch since I had a babysitter already.  I went to the bakery and bought two pies to take into his office.  I planned on getting a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, but seeing that there would probably be plenty of pie left, we decided we'd have that for dessert tonight.  They ate all of the raspberry pie, but we have about half the apple left.  My favorite!  Unfortunately I had a big fat fail on the candles.  I thought we had plenty and it turns out we had none.  So we sang with no candles.  It just wasn't the same.  But the birthday boy didn't mind.

When he got home from work we had dinner and filled up the little pool for the kids.  They both loved it!  Kyla didn't want to get out!  I have a million pictures to share so I will stop blabbing and get to it.

All lathered up in sunscreen!

Seriously, she looks way too grown up here!

Waiting so patiently

Look at our big boy!  It's so crazy how chubby he looks in these pictures.  He is a big boy, but he looks much skinnier in person!

Haha, I just had to post this one :)

What a perfect night.  Tyler and I sat in our chairs and watched these two play and laugh.  Life is pretty darn good!

Here come the crazy faces!

Singing happy birthday!

Kase was trying to figure out how he was going to get some of that pie in his belly!

These pj's make him look much skinnier!

Happy birthday Daddy!  We love you!

June 19, 2013

Father's Day 2013

It seems I have started a pattern of only blogging once a week.  I will try to do better, but no promises.  I am working more for my brother, working hard on my Thirty-One business, working on keeping the house in order, working on making lunches for Tyler and I and cooking meals at night so we don't eat out, working on being a better mama by doing fun things with the kids, and working on myself by working out because it makes me happy.

So yeah.  Blogging has unfortunately taken a back burner for now.  But I am refuse to give it up.  Mainly because I think it will be so awesome for the kids (and Tyler and I too) to look back on some day.  How cool would be to have something like this to look back on from our childhood?  Sure, there are pictures, but to read about everything we did from my mom's point of view would be so much fun.  We are creating so many fun memories that I never want to forget.  The other reason I will not give up blogging is because of all the amazing people I have "met".  Having people to share stories with and know that they don't judge you because they are likely going through the same exact thing is something that I truly love.  I get to meet one of my best blogger friends, Shawna, next weekend and I can't wait!  I hope I get to meet some others some day too!

Our Father's Day weekend was fun, but relaxing.  Just the way we like it.  Saturday we did some shopping.  We bought Tyler a weed whacker and some new clothes from Old Navy.  His birthday is tomorrow so he will be getting a new grill since our other one bit the dust.  Sunday we took the kids to the zoo for the first time this year.  It was packed!  And we were sadly disappointed that there were no bears and the giraffes were so far away.  Kyla loved the giraffes last year because they were right up close.  This year her favorite was the lion because it was right on the other side of the glass.  She sat down on the little ledge by him and probably would have stayed there all day.

It was very hot and she was full of sunscreen! 

She waved to Kase and I every time she went by!

Look at those teeth!

He's not ashamed to drink out of a pink sippy cup :)

Checking out the penguins on our way out.

Her little romper is from Carter's.
We came home for naps.  Except the only ones that wanted to nap were mom and dad.  It was a fun day though!

On the potty training front...well, we kind of decided to wait awhile.  We just didn't want to spend our whole weekend inside when we both knew deep down she isn't ready.  She peed in her underwear a lot.  And not once did she make any attempt to tell us she needed to go or head toward the bathroom.  When we ask her, she will say yes or no and she will pee on the toilet.  But the communication part definitely needs to get better before we really feel like she's ready.  She doesn't tell us when she poops either.  Sometimes she will even say no when we know she did.  Like I told Tyler, it's not like she's going to be 5 years old and still in diapers.  She will let us know when she's ready.  I'm not going to force it and stress myself out for a week right now.  It will happen.  I'm fine with people offering advice because I know a lot of you have been there, done that.  And I will listen to every single one of you.  But I also know my daughter and know that she is just not ready right now.

Moving on.  Kase has graduated from the army crawl to the real thing!  He still prefers to army crawl when he's being lazy, but he's finally got it mastered.  It's fun to watch him.  Kyla thinks it's pretty cool too.  Those two have been so much fun lately.  They play together and Kyla is constantly talking to him.  In the van, I can hear them laughing at each other and look back in the mirror and see the biggest smile on Kyla's face.  It's so  much fun to see them interact.

Nap time is over so that means blog time is over!  Like I said, Tyler's birthday is tomorrow and I'm throwing a party for him on Saturday (he's turning 30).  So hopefully I will get some good pictures there!