May 28, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend!  Our weather was pretty crappy, but we still had a nice, long weekend!  I'm linking up to share all about it!

Sami's Shenanigans

Saturday we went to Brat Fest.  Only in Wisconsin do you have the World's Largest Brat Fest, right?  They have a carnival, music, and lots of brats!  It was kind of a chilly day, but we met up with our friends who are back from San Diego so it was fun to see them and their little boy.  At least it didn't rain while we were there!

Kase enjoyed hanging out on the blanket.  He eventually fell asleep in my arms.

How cute is her little puffer vest?  Not sure about that silly face though :)

Kyla was so excited about the geese!

Sunday we went to my cousin Jill's graduation party.  Kyla was a bit of a stinker, but it was a good time.  Before we left, while I took every single thing out of my closet in an attempt to find something to wear, Kyla and I took some silly self portraits.  She was being so funny, making all kinds of different faces.

(I don't know why they look so weird.  Maybe since it's the reverse camera function on my phone?)

Later that night we got the kids bedrooms in order.  Since we put the twin bed in Kyla's room, both their rooms were a little bit of a mess.  We took the rocker out of Kyla's room (which is now in the basement) and moved her dresser over there.  She had the big area open in the corner so I decided to bring up her papasan chair from the basement.

We are going to paint the dark green wall the same color as the other lighter green walls.  And I got that canvas picture by the window at Target, along with another cute picture to hang up.
Kase had two changing tables, one in the corner and one in the closet for storage.  Since we no longer use the one to change him on, we decided to get rid of it.  We had this blue recliner in our bedroom so we could rock him when he was a baby.  It fit well in his room so now we can sit and read him his stories before bed on there.

The green tote back there isn't very decorative, but the kid grows out of his clothes so fast that I'd be running up and down the stairs every other day to pack stuff away.  So it's staying in there!
We kept the one changing table in his closet because it makes good storage since his clothes aren't long enough for it to be in the way.  Yet!

On Monday, Tyler was a sweetheart and let me sleep in AND go shopping!  I needed some new clothes so bad.  I had a couple pair of jean capris that I had bought a few weeks ago, but no shirts.  I had a lot of cute shirts, but most were from before I had babies and were just too tight.  A bigger belly and wider hips will do that to ya I guess!  Plus I'm starting a new job next week (more on that later) so I wanted a few new things for that.  I got a TON of stuff, from both Old Navy and Gap.  I'm really excited about it all.  It was such a good feeling to clean out my closets and dressers.  Holy cow, I had a lot of stuff!  All my maternity stuff finally got packed away in the basement and I have all of this for sale or donation...

Two totes, one huge box and three bags full.

This is what my bedroom looked like mid-cleaning.

This is my closet after...I forgot to take a before picture, but there was literally no room for anymore hangers.  And I only actually wore a few things.  The top shelf was full of maternity stuff.  Oh, and I'm selling about 20 pairs of shoes!
I didn't take a picture of all my new stuff, but I got three pair of skinny cropped pants (coral, white and black), a shirt dress for work, three pairs of shorts, and I think 6 or 7 shirts.  I'm SO excited!  I need to get a couple pairs of cute shoes plus I need a swim suit for a waterpark birthday party this weekend.  I will be making a trip to Target this week.  But I need to give Tyler a couple days to forget about how much I spent yesterday :)

One last thing from our weekend...Kyla wore some pigtail braids for the first time.  Seriously, so stinking cute!  We will be sporting these again soon!

We've also been very busy with Tot School and the letter D.  I will post about that later this week!  And tonight we have Kase's 9 month checkup so I can get his post finished up!


  1. Their rooms are looking great and I can't wait to hear about the new job!

  2. Love all the faces Kyla makes. Thanks for coming Sunday, I told Jill she will have to get Kyla a stuffed puppy for Christmas! (I love the quilt on the chair in Kase's room, LOL!)

  3. Love Kyla's braids! I had to laugh about your green tote because I have one in Joey's closet that I keep stuffing the things he's outgrown into. Otherwise I too, would be running to the basement every day, lol! You were productive this weekend! I've been buying summer stuff too - things just don't fit quite right anymore after 2 babies!

  4. kyla looks adorable in her braids!

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