May 23, 2013

Playing in the rain

Tyler and I have played sand volleyball together since the summer we moved in together (2005).  I haven't played much in the last three years so I'm really excited to play this summer.  We have a babysitter lined up for every Wednesday night, but she can't start until June 12th.  So the past two weeks one of us stayed home.  But last night my sweet friend and neighbor came over.  The kids were already in bed so she just watched TV.

I was looking forward to playing for over a week and then we got there last night and it started POURING! They don't cancel unless it's lightning, which it wasn't.  Just pouring.  Hard!  So we played 3 games of volleyball in it!  The first game was rough and I thought there was no way I was getting through all three games with both contacts still in.  Looking up to see the ball coming toward you was impossible.  It let up a little bit after the first game and as Tyler said, we stopped complaining and just played.  It ended up being kind of fun.  But I really hope next week is sunny and 80!

In other news, Kase still isn't crawling.  But he sure is trying!  He has the army crawl down and manages to cruise around the living room.  He can get up on his knees, but is doing the rock back and forth thing.

This is his swim move.  He kicks his legs and moves his arms, expecting to get somewhere.

Taking a break to look cute :)

This is his "trying so hard" face!
He will be 9 months tomorrow.  Seriously, time needs to slow down a little bit!  He doesn't have his 9 month checkup until Tuesday so I will wait until then to do his post.  I can't wait to see his stats!

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  1. His "taking a break" picture is the cutest thing ever!

  2. He is seriously looking so much OLDER all of a sudden! I think it's his hair!! :)

  3. I love his last picture! What a cutie! LB is not crawling yet either.

  4. Hes adorable!!! Yay for almost crawling, although your life will get busier :)

  5. Oh my word. He is seriously so stinking cute!!