May 24, 2013

May is for Mom's - Part Three

How did I forget about part three of the May is for Mom's linkup?  It's still May so I think it's ok to still do it!  The first part was an interview with myself, which you can find here.  Part two was an interview with my mom (which I loved) and you can find that here.

Part three is an interview with my kids.  Since they can't really answer (well, at least not that I could completely understand anyway), Tyler was kind enough to answer for them.  So here is what Daddy thinks Kyla and Kase would say!

1.  What is your favorite thing that you and I do together?
Kyla - I don't especially like going to bed, but my favorite thing is when we read and sing right before I go to sleep.  I think you're a great singer Mommy, even though you don't think so.
Kase - I love hanging out with you first thing in the morning when I get up.  It's my best shot at getting some one-on-one time with you before big sister gets up and then you have to watch us both.  Why do you think I get up so early???  :)

2.  What is something important I have taught you that you will always remember?  (i.e. Be nice to everyone, always make your bed, etc.)
Kyla - You're trying to teach me my "please & thank yous", but I can be a stinker when you get me to try and say them.  You know that if you really want me to say something, I'll just give you a smirk and say nothing at all, right?
Kase - You're teaching me how important it is to be nice and share.  You're always helping me and Kyla share our toys, which I really appreciate now since she's bigger than me.

3.  What is your most special memory about me?
Kyla - How excited you were to see me the day after Kase was born.  You missed me so much and you only hadn't seen me for one day!
Kase - It was the day I was born and you said right away how small I looked.  I fooled you then, and look at me now- my "stats" are off the charts!

4.  What is something nice I always say to you?
Kyla - I love you my silly girl.
Kase - I love you my big man.

5.  How are you and I the same?  How are we different?
Kyla - We're the same because we both love to giggle and smile.  We're different in that I can get really rambunctious, and you're pretty calm & relaxed.
Kase - We're the same in that we're both pretty "chill" people and don't get into much drama.  We're different in that I've got something growing between my legs and you don't.  I'll ask Dad about it later.

Since it's still May, you guys should do this interview with your kids (or hubbies).  I'd love to see what some of your little ones have to say!  It was fun reading my kids Daddy's answers :)


  1. Haha! I love the last one that Kase answered! ;) Tyler did a good job with these. You are a good mom, Amy! I may have to ask my girls these questions. It would be fun to see what they say.

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