May 30, 2013

Kase - 9 Months

Dear Kase,

You are one funny little boy.  Your doctor loves to see you because you are always so happy and smiley with her.  I hope you continue to smile so nice for my camera.  Your little sister is a stinker when I try to take her picture so I hope she doesn't teach you that!  I love seeing all those teeth when you smile and laugh.  And boy, do you laugh!  Those giggles never get old!

You have had such a great month.  You are eating better, sleeping better and are really starting to move!  You have the army crawl mastered and that is your main mode of getting around the house.  You are always crawling over to Kyla and grabbing her toes or just watching her.  She says "Hi Ace!"  Sometimes she doesn't like to share her toys, but you don't mind.  You usually just find something else to play with.  You like to find her sippy cup and suck on her straw.

I can't believe how much you have changed since you were a baby.  I was looking at your newborn pictures and I can't believe how fast you're growing up.  You look so grown up now!  Only three more months and you won't be my baby anymore.  You'll be a toddler.  A one year old.  Yikes!  I am excited for all the fun things to come though too.

I love you sweet boy.

Love, Mama

(as of 5/28/13)
Weight: 24 lb 9 oz (99th percentile)
Height:  30.75 inches (100th percentile)
Head: 47.2 cm (94th percentile)
Diaper SizeSize 4
Clothes Size: 18 month stuff is packed away.  18-24 month stuff still fits (barely) and we've moved on to 24 months.
Shoe Size: 4
Eye ColorBlue
Hair Color: Blonde but it has gotten a little darker
Teeth:  4 on top and 4 on bottom (you had 5 come in at one time!)
Next Doctor Appointment: August 27th (12 month checkup)

You are waking up around 7:00 nowadays.  Yesterday was 8:00.  Some days are 6:00.  But I'd say average is 7:00.  If you wake up around 6:00, you take a nap around 9:00 for about an hour.  If you get up around 8:00, you usually can make it through the morning without a nap.  You go down for your long nap around 12:30 and wake up around 3:00 or 3:30.  You still sleep with me when I want to lay down.  You sleep much better and for much longer when you're in bed with me.  I love these naps together!  You are then up until bedtime, which is right around 8:15.  We put you down awake and you (usually) do not fuss.  You are sleeping within 10 minutes usually.  Such an awesome boy :)

You are doing SO much better, just in the last two weeks.  You are eating 6-7 ounces of formula, four or five times a day.  You are eating purees twice a day and doing great with them!  I just needed to get the 2nd foods that are a mixture and taste much better!  You aren't eating a lot of table foods yet and still gagging on pretty much anything but the purees.  But it will come, I have no doubt.

~Cruising around in your walker, running into everything.
~We started brushing your teeth with a toothbrush.  You're not quite sure about this.
~You manage to scratch your face regardless of how short your nails are.
~You are all boy.  Aggressive and like to play rough.  And scratch yourself.  Down there.
~You pinch Mama's cheeks and nose so hard I feel like I'm going to have a bruise.
~You gave Daddy a good scratch on his nose.
~You don't really like to be snuggled.  You like to be held, but not to sleep.  You did fall asleep in my arms at Brat Fest though.  And my arms felt it the next day!
~You are officially out of the baby bath and into the big tub.  You have taken a few baths with Kyla, but we usually do you separate because you're still a little wobbly and she's a little crazy in there!
~You played in the grass for the first time.
~You enjoy our daily walks.
~You sit in the back of the double stroller and kick Kyla the entire time.  Not sure how much longer this stroller is going to work with you two crazy kids.
~You aren't pulling yourself up.  Your doctor said it takes bigger babies longer.  You can put weight on your legs, just can't balance on them on your own yet.
~You haven't gone swimming yet, but will be this weekend!  I can't wait to see how you like the water.
~You will pretty much go to anyone, but as soon as you see Mom or Dad across the room, you get upset.
~You suck your thumb once in awhile.
~You enjoy tearing up paper and totally destroyed one of Mama's magazines.
~You love to play with remotes.

Happy 9 months Kase man!


  1. It was so nice to get to "hog" him for a little while on Sunday! :)

  2. It's official, it has been too long since we've seen you guys. He has way too much hair now! =) We're going to have to pick a date in June and come up for a visit.