May 20, 2013

Fun in the sun!

Despite some awful headaches, we had a really good weekend and spent a good amount of time outside.  We ended up not going to the zoo Saturday because I was pretty miserable so we will have to do that soon.  I know Kyla is going to love seeing the animals this year.

All day Saturday I was pretty much in bed.  Neither the ibuprofen and my migraine medicine were doing anything.  I did feel good enough Saturday night to go for a walk with Tyler and the kids.  And it was too nice out to go inside when we got back so we just hung out in the backyard.  It ended up being a really cute photo shoot too :)

Every time we go outside she insists on getting all the balls out of the garage.

How cute are his little plaid shorts from Gymboree?

Kyla's outfit is from Gymboree too.

Crazy hair and silly smile

After the kids went to bed Tyler worked out in the garage putting their sand box together.  My mom and step dad got it for them for Christmas so it was exciting to finally be able to get it out.  And we get to cross another thing off our Summer Bucket List!

Kyla wanted to help him finish it up yesterday.  She had no idea the fun that was about to come out of this wooden thing!

How awesome is this?  The girl is in LOVE!  And I am too :)

Kase got his first pair of shoes this weekend.  Just some little sandals from Target.

We were out there around 5:00 last night so the canopy gave Kase some shade, but not so much for Kyla. 

She played in there for close to an hour and didn't want to get out.  We put some water in one of those bins and she had sand in every possible place.  Tyler sprayed her off with the hose, which she was NOT a fan of.

This little guy has not been eating well at all.  He has his 9 month checkup on the 28th so I planned on talking to his doctor then.

But then tonight, I gave him apple-strawberry-banana combo and he ate the entire carton!  I guess he just knows what he likes!  Little stinker!  He's supposed to be like his dad and eat anything.
I bought Kyla her own little notebook so she can scribble in that instead of mine.  Yes, I might just spoil her a little bit.

Have you noticed that this teddy follows her around everywhere?  She's obsessed.  She wanted him in the sandbox and then of course would expect to go to bed with him.

I just had to share this...Tyler got her dressed after her bath.  He put this "dress" on her (it's supposed to have legging capris under it).  He said he thought it was a little short, but figured it was fine since we weren't going outside anymore.  Her little tush was basically hanging out :)

Daddy got puked on about 5 minutes after this picture was taken.

"Yep, I feel better!"
Kyla was sitting on my lap while I was uploading these pictures and she kept saying "Hi Ace".  I don't know why, but these little things just make me smile.  I am one lucky Mama!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  I'm still taking requests on what to write about so comment over on this post if you have any questions for me.  Thank you to those of you who already did!


  1. Cute pictures. What a cute sandbox, looks like Kyla loves it

  2. I wish we had a sandbox! Jealous! Sorry your migraine stole your Saturday, that sucks. LOVE that pic of Kyla kissing Kase, so sweet! To answer your question about Joey's ear infection, he was screaming & crying a lot all day long. Wanted to be held nonstop. Did I mention screaming? He was a little tougher than normal to put to bed, but ironically slept fine. So in short? Screaming sent us to urgent care.

  3. All of these pics are just TOO cute!!

  4. As always, Kyla and Kase are super cute and Dean loves looking at the pictures too! I have a few questions:

    1. Is there a way to set my blog so only approved people can read it? I want to tailor mine more towards our new adventure but I don't want to have to be as vague about our location as I would to the general public. (I'm paranoid about creepers)

    2. You've talked about your dream home before. Do you have a dream vacation you and Tyler can't wait for the kids to be old enough for?

    3. Kyla smiles so much in her photos. Is she by chance going through a stinker phase when the camera isn't rolling? Dean suddenly thinks he's funny....when I'm ready to pull my hair out. He's actually told me, "I'm funny!". It's always at a moment when I so do not think his not following the directions is funny.

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  7. Sorry you had a migraine over the weekend. :(

    You caught some great pictures. I love the one of Kyla kissing Kase. And, this is the first time I have looked at Kase and can see that he looks just like his dad. :) He is getting so big! How much is he up to? We have Leo's appointment tomorrow, so I am anxious to see where he's at.

    Love the new sandbox! I am sure you guys will get a ton of use out of it this summer.

  8. Your kids are adorable :) Always, always! Kase is looking so big! And I'm always totally envious of Kyla's amazing hair!