May 15, 2013

Exciting Stuff!

I have to make this quick so I can start dinner, but I wanted to share a couple things.

1.  Kyla is officially in a big girl bed as of Sunday and is doing great!  She is still sleeping in until 8:00 each morning and two of the three days she napped for over two hours!

She is putting chapstick on by the way.  Tyler said it looked like she was sucking her thumb, haha.

2.  She peed on the toilet today!  I still don't think she's ready for full on potty training, but this is definitely a big step.  I have tried many times and she would always sit there for a bit and say "All done" and never go.  But this morning she drank her whole cup of milk and was still dry so I plopped her on there for awhile.  And after about 5 minutes, she did it!  We sang the "Pee pee on the POTTY" song and I gave her 4 M&M's (even though she hadn't even eaten breakfast yet).  I wanted her to know she did something awesome :)

3.  Look at this mouth full of teeth!

He's got another one coming in on the bottom already.  The kid just can't catch a break.  But I must say, having those top four and one on the bottom come in all at the same time, he was a champ!

4.  I finally got Kyla to say please when she wants things.  I love these little moments!

And I love these two kiddos!  Here are two pictures before going to the park today.


  1. Good job, Kyla! What a big girl! And, Kase does have a mouth full of teeth, haha! He is getting so big! :)

  2. Wow on Kyla's big bed! What made you decide she was ready? I feel like we are in a good routine here w/Morgan and there's been no threat of climbing out, so I'm too chicken to mess with it right now. Kase looks so different with all his teeth (still cute as ever)...Joey's been teething too. He's been a trooper about it, for the most part. But that has to hurt!

  3. That's awesome Kyla's starting to show interest in potty training! I hate diapers so can't wait go that day to come!! They are too cute :)

  4. Wow,look at all those teeth!!

    And way to go Kyla, yay for going potty! :-)

  5. Glad she's doing so well with the bed and potty!