April 23, 2013

Update on Kase

I have had a headache since Friday and was in bed basically from 5:00 last night until this morning.  So now that I'm finally starting to feel like a normal human again, I wanted to update you all on Kase's appointment from last Thursday.

To be honest, I can't remember how much I put on here so here's a little background info.  He was eating his bottles fine, but would not eat anything else.  When we tried feeding him baby food (purees), he wouldn't open his mouth and when we did get some in there, he gagged and spit it out.  Often times he even threw up from gagging.  This went on for almost two months so with our doctor's referral, we made an appointment for the feeding clinic.

Literally last Wednesday (the day before his appointment), he ate!  Even though he hadn't been eating, we kept trying, hoping it would get better.  Well Wednesday he started opening his mouth.  He was still very hesitant and only opening it enough to slide the spoon in there.  But he did it and he actually swallowed a little bit!

So now for his appointment.  I was turned off right away by a couple of things.  His appointment was at 1:30 and they told me to bring him hungry.  Well, I sat in the waiting room until 1:50 with a very hungry baby that hadn't eaten since 10:30.  I asked the ladies at the front desk if they had any idea when they'd be with us because I wasn't sure how much longer I could distract him from having a complete meltdown.  Finally the dietitian came out and said the speech pathologist was running late, but that she could get us in a room and get ready.

The other thing that turned me off was the minute the speech pathologist saw him, she thought he was about a year old.  When I told her he was not even 8 months yet, she immediately said "Oh, he's eating just fine.  He's a big boy!"  I realize that she's probably used to seeing very severe cases, but I would not be wasting our time and money if I thought everything was "just fine".  Yes, he's a big boy and in the 100th percentile.  But he won't eat and won't swallow.  And he really doesn't even eat that much formula.  On average day, he's not even eating what the average 8 month old should eat in terms of ounces.  So I know this isn't all because he's filling up on formula.

But anyway, now that I'm making this post WAY longer than it needs to be, he did very well at the appointment.  He ate his pears just like he did the night before for me, maybe even a little better.  She did say that his swallowing is clearly not as mature as it should be.  She said his muscle movements and noises he makes are like what a 5 month old does when they are first starting to learn how to eat.

She didn't really say why he's behind, but that she is confident he will be fine.  We just have to keep feeding him and let him try to feed himself finger foods.  He loves Mum Mums, but he really just plays with them.  He will take a bite off, but spit most of it out.

Puffs, cheerios, etc. he spits them out right away.  So the only thing he's actually swallowing right now is the purees, but it's a big improvement!  The doctor said if he's not swallowing finger foods and table foods by the time he's a year, then we should probably bring him back.

He sure is cute, isn't he?

After seeing him eat the last few days, I am feeling a lot better about it all.  Obviously he's not hurting in the weight department, but I just wanted to make sure we took care of it now to avoid any issues later.

My cute boy will be 8 months tomorrow so hopefully I'll get that post up this week!


  1. Happy 8 months! Glad to hear that he is finally eating!

  2. He is seriously the cutest! Glad he's starting to experiment with purees a little more :-)

  3. Glad you are being proactive. We are going through something similar with my son, but in regards to his speech. He is 20 months and not speaking much at all. Because we were so proactive we were told we don't qualify for services. Keep fighting mama, you know what is best.

    1. For not eating well he sure is a very happy and content little guy!!Good job Mommy!

  4. So ironic that you posted today bc I was wondering all day (and gonna FB you tonight to ask) how his appt. went. Sounds like things are headed in the right direction, even if slowly. I have a slow eater on my hands too. Seems like it took him longer than his preemie sister to take purees. We're barely starting finger foods and he's not a fan. He also refuses to feed himself (but gnaws on his hands and sucks his thumb like they're his last meal, lol!) These stubborn boys!! Oh, and headaches are the WORST. Hope you're feeling better!!

  5. "She said his muscle movements and noises he makes are like what a 5 month old does when they are first starting to learn how to eat." That line really got me, because most of the five month olds I've been around aren't eating ANY food yet. In fact, most of the babies I've known haven't started eating anything but formula/breast milk until about 8 months. Glad everything is getting better though!

  6. I feel ya on the headaches- I get horrible migraines and they are the worst! So glad the little guy okay and eating! He's adorable :)

  7. Ah, swallowing :) I'll be learning all about that soon, I had no idea so much went into being a speech pathologist! I'm excited to start! :)

  8. He sure is cute!! And I'm sure the eating will start getting better soon. He just knows what he likes! :)