April 9, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday - Our Favorite Teams

I am linking up with MeganLindsay, and Kelly for Trendy Tot Tuesday.  Check out all their cute tots!

Tyler and I were both born and raised in Wisconsin so we are true Wisconsin sports fans.  Badgers.  Brewers.  Packers.  We love them all!  And our kids will grow up loving them too!  So for today's Trendy Tot Tuesday, I am sharing some of their little team apparel that they have sported.

Last Monday was the Brewers opening day so they had their matching shirts on.  It brought the team good luck that day, but unfortunately they didn't get another win until yesterday!  We are 2-5 on the season, but luckily baseball is a really long season!  Kase needs a Brewer hat to match too!

This photo shoot was just too funny not to share.

I laugh every time I see Kase's face in this one.

"Mom, get this chick away from me!"

Doesn't it look like he got away with something here?

Here are a few random pictures supporting our Badgers.

Oh hey, look who's sitting up on his own!

Kyla was sporting her Badger dress when she was 7 months too!
And we can't forget our Packers!  I know I have a picture of Kase with some Packer clothes on, but I am missing some pictures and cannot figure out where they are for the life of me.  The laptop switcharoo is to blame, but I really hope they aren't gone forever.

How cute was Kyla with her Packer cheerleader dress?  I think we need another girl after looking back on all these cute pictures!

My kids will always have an outfit that fits them for whatever season we're in.  I absolutely LOVE dressing them up on game days.  Their Brewers shirts will fit them all summer and then they will both need new Badger stuff when football season comes around.  Maybe we'll get lucky and some of Kyla's stuff will still fit.  Kase?  Not a chance that will happen :)


  1. Cute!! I just ordered the girls a couple St. Louis Cardinals dresses off Etsy. I shouldn't have spent the money but I"m justifying it since we *are* at least taking them to the stadium at some point this year lol. I will have to get them to model once they arrive ;-)

  2. I love kids in sports clothing so so cute!

  3. oooo i just die over the packer outfit! :)

  4. Cute! Great post idea- I may have to steal this one day! :)

  5. I am loving all of the matching sports clothing! So cute!

  6. I love the picture of the two of them from behind!