April 26, 2013


Loving - That we finally have warm enough weather to get outside, even if we still need some winter gear!

Listening - To the wind.  Both kids are napping and I am just sitting here in complete silence.  It is actually very refreshing.

Eating - Surprisingly, nothing at the moment.  I feel like I am hungry ALL the time lately!

Drinking - Water (trying to drink more of it in the hopes it will help with the headaches)

Working on - Getting all my Thirty-One stuff ready for my big sale on Tuesday night.  Oh, you aren't a member of my Facebook group yet?  What are you waiting for?  I'm selling over 60 of my inventory items for anywhere from 25-75% off!  Request to join HERE.

Waiting for - Tyler to get home from work.

Wearing - Stretchy capris and a t-shirt.  Typical.

Feeling - Happy that it's Friday!

Wanting - To go shopping this weekend and get a pair of jean capris.

Thinking - I really need to clean out my van.

Enjoying - Our walks.  We were able to take one last night as a family and then I took the kids this morning.  Hopefully we'll get another family one in tonight!
Kyla is obsessed with birds :)
Planning - A trip to the dog tracks with my mom.  We do it once a year and have a blast!

Wishing - I didn't have to work at the gym tomorrow night, but it's my last night!

I didn't post my 30 Miles in 30 Days update yesterday because it ends Tuesday so I figured I'd just do it then.  But I'm currently needing 7 more miles in 4 days.  I WILL do this!

Have a great weekend everyone!  We *might* reach 70 degrees on Sunday so you can bet we'll spending plenty of time outside!

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! That pink hat on her is adorbs!!!!