April 30, 2013


Tonight is my big Thirty-One sale on my Facebook group!  If you aren't already a member, you can request to join HERE.  I have about 90 products and everything will be 25-75% off.  Here is just a sample of things that are up for grabs.

Go over to the Facebook group for details.  You will not find these kinds of deals anywhere else!  It starts at 6:00 tonight (Central time)!

April 26, 2013


Loving - That we finally have warm enough weather to get outside, even if we still need some winter gear!

Listening - To the wind.  Both kids are napping and I am just sitting here in complete silence.  It is actually very refreshing.

Eating - Surprisingly, nothing at the moment.  I feel like I am hungry ALL the time lately!

Drinking - Water (trying to drink more of it in the hopes it will help with the headaches)

Working on - Getting all my Thirty-One stuff ready for my big sale on Tuesday night.  Oh, you aren't a member of my Facebook group yet?  What are you waiting for?  I'm selling over 60 of my inventory items for anywhere from 25-75% off!  Request to join HERE.

Waiting for - Tyler to get home from work.

Wearing - Stretchy capris and a t-shirt.  Typical.

Feeling - Happy that it's Friday!

Wanting - To go shopping this weekend and get a pair of jean capris.

Thinking - I really need to clean out my van.

Enjoying - Our walks.  We were able to take one last night as a family and then I took the kids this morning.  Hopefully we'll get another family one in tonight!
Kyla is obsessed with birds :)
Planning - A trip to the dog tracks with my mom.  We do it once a year and have a blast!

Wishing - I didn't have to work at the gym tomorrow night, but it's my last night!

I didn't post my 30 Miles in 30 Days update yesterday because it ends Tuesday so I figured I'd just do it then.  But I'm currently needing 7 more miles in 4 days.  I WILL do this!

Have a great weekend everyone!  We *might* reach 70 degrees on Sunday so you can bet we'll spending plenty of time outside!

April 25, 2013

Kase - 8 Months

Dear Kase,

The picture above pretty much sums up our last month.  You are the happiest baby I've ever seen.  Once we figured out that you had an ear infection and took care of that, you were back to your happy self.  You have been so content just playing on the floor and watching your sister play and be silly.  You are always laughing at her and positioning yourself so you can see her at all times.  When you spot Daddy or I looking at you, you get the biggest smile on your face.

I can't wait for it to warm up so I can get you outside!  I know you are going to love walks in the stroller and playing outside.  Your sister was always scared of the grass so it will be fun to see your reaction.  We are going to have a lot of fun this summer, buddy!

Thank you, as always, for being such a sweet baby.  In a few months I won't be able to call you my baby anymore.  I am taking advantage of every snuggle, as I know there will come a time when you won't want to snuggle with your Mama anymore.  Ok, let's not talk about that.  Cue the Mama tears.

I can't wait to see what this next month will bring.  Will you finally be crawling next time I write to you at 9 months?  I love you so much Kase.

Love, Mommy

(as of 3/11/13)
Weight: 24.4 pounds (as of today with a full belly)
Height: 28.75" (99.79%)
Head: 46.5 cm (100%)
Diaper SizeSize 4
Clothes Size: 18 months, 18-24 months
Shoe Size: Still not wearing shoes, but I do need to get him some.  I'm thinking he's probably a size 3.
Eye ColorBlue
Hair Color: My little blondie
Teeth:  Two bottom ones and four coming in on the top
Next Doctor Appointment: May 28th (9 month checkup)

Well, you like to wake up between 3:00-4:00 every morning.  You *think* you need a bottle and up until last night, Daddy and I were giving you your way.  But last night we decided this little early morning party needed to end.  We decided to let you work it out yourself and you did.  You didn't even really cry.  You just babble and yell.  The yell isn't a cry, it's a "Mom, Dad, don't you guys hear me in here!"  You were back to sleep before we knew it.  You then slept until 6:30.  Hopefully you'll soon get used to sleeping through.

We play all morning with your sister.  You love to roll around on the floor, play in your jumper & walker, and go for rides in the van.  Now that it's finally getting warm though we can go for walks instead of rides!  You could probably use a morning nap still, but you usually take a cat nap in the van.  I like to have you and your sister nap at the same time.  So after lunch, you are more than ready for a nap.  You wake up around 3:00-3:30 to eat and then play, play, play!  You're pretty tired by 7:00, so Mommy usually holds you until it's bath time.  You're bathed, fed and in bed by 8:00.  You go to bed awake with just your body swaddled.  Your arms are no longer in the swaddle.  We tried taking it away altogether,  but you didn't do well with that.  You sleep much better with your body snuggled in.

You are eating anywhere from 4-6 ounces, about six times a day.  Hopefully that will decrease a little now that you're eating your baby food.  Or maybe you'll start eating less bottles, but with more milk in them.  I think Kyla was eating 8 ounce bottles at this age.  You are just satisfied with 4-6.  I need to go out and buy some more baby food for you.  You are loving your pears.  We have stuck with them to really get you eating better since we knew you liked them.  But now it's time to get a little variety!  You are eating baby food for lunch and dinner.

~Your teeth are coming in just like your sister's.  Two on the bottom came first and now the front four on the top are coming all at once.
~You love to eat your toes.
~When you have socks on, you try your hardest to get them off so you can get to the piggies.
~You love when Mama says "How big is Kase?" but you are't raising your arms yet.  You just giggle :)
~I can tell you are wanting to do what your sister does so bad.  You will be keeping up with her in no time!
~You love to squirm away from us when we change your diaper.
~You love to splash in the bathtub.
~You're sure trying to get up on all fours, but just not there yet.
~You have a very loud voice and like to make sure we don't forget about you.
~You like to play with Kyla's toys and it's an all out tug-of-war when she tries to take it away.
~You still like to pull hair.  I always regret when I forget to put it in a ponytail in the morning before I feed you.
~You still take some naps in bed with Mama.
~You get scared when Kyla and Daddy are playing hide-and-seek and Kyla screams when Daddy scares her.

You're all ready for Daddy to take you to a game!  Happy 8 months Kase!

April 24, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm linking up with Jamie for her What I'm Loving Wednesday

Today I'm loving...

~That Shawna and I have officially booked our blogger/family meet up weekend.  I can't wait!

~That I have a girl's day planned with my two future sister-in-laws to get pedicures and talk about all the wedding planning!

~That Tyler and I are going to a Brewer game next Friday with some friends!

~That Saturday night is my last night working at the gym.

~That the Brewers are on an 8-game winning streak! (Correction thanks to "Mr. Mommy" in the comments below.  They have won 9 straight!)

~That the sun is shining today even though it's only going to get up to 50.

~That I am playing volleyball tonight for the first time in a LONG time.  Hopefully I don't suck too bad.

~That my mom is doing an awesome job coaching her softball girls, not that I had any doubt.

What are YOU loving today?

Summer Bucket List

On Sunday I decided Kyla and I would do a little project.  I bought a big tag board so we could write our summer bucket list on there.  I let Kyla scribble on the back and put stickers on it.

The girl is obsessed with hats.  I asked her if I could get a picture without it and she said "NOOOO!" 
I thought it would be fun for Kyla to color in the little squares each time we do something on our list.

I'm not very artistic so don't laugh :)

Here is our list in case it's hard to read:

Have a picnic
Go to the zoo
Eat smores
Go swimming
Blow bubbles
Visit the farm
Draw with sidewalk chalk
Play in sandbox
Go to a Brewer game
Go to a waterpark
Play in the rain
Play at the park
Plant flowers
Watch fireworks
Kase's birthday
Daddy's birthday
Go fishing
Go to a parade
Ride bikes
Play hopscotch
Go to the Children's Museum
Run through the sprinkler
Have  campfire
Go on lots of walks
Grill out
Eat popsicles
Visit Chicago
Have a family movie night
Go to the library
Make puppets
Go bowling
Stargaze in the back yard
Take new family pictures

Our board is now in Kyla's room and she looks at it several times a day.  She likes to point to the letters she knows.  I can't wait to start checking things off our list!

April 23, 2013

Update on Kase

I have had a headache since Friday and was in bed basically from 5:00 last night until this morning.  So now that I'm finally starting to feel like a normal human again, I wanted to update you all on Kase's appointment from last Thursday.

To be honest, I can't remember how much I put on here so here's a little background info.  He was eating his bottles fine, but would not eat anything else.  When we tried feeding him baby food (purees), he wouldn't open his mouth and when we did get some in there, he gagged and spit it out.  Often times he even threw up from gagging.  This went on for almost two months so with our doctor's referral, we made an appointment for the feeding clinic.

Literally last Wednesday (the day before his appointment), he ate!  Even though he hadn't been eating, we kept trying, hoping it would get better.  Well Wednesday he started opening his mouth.  He was still very hesitant and only opening it enough to slide the spoon in there.  But he did it and he actually swallowed a little bit!

So now for his appointment.  I was turned off right away by a couple of things.  His appointment was at 1:30 and they told me to bring him hungry.  Well, I sat in the waiting room until 1:50 with a very hungry baby that hadn't eaten since 10:30.  I asked the ladies at the front desk if they had any idea when they'd be with us because I wasn't sure how much longer I could distract him from having a complete meltdown.  Finally the dietitian came out and said the speech pathologist was running late, but that she could get us in a room and get ready.

The other thing that turned me off was the minute the speech pathologist saw him, she thought he was about a year old.  When I told her he was not even 8 months yet, she immediately said "Oh, he's eating just fine.  He's a big boy!"  I realize that she's probably used to seeing very severe cases, but I would not be wasting our time and money if I thought everything was "just fine".  Yes, he's a big boy and in the 100th percentile.  But he won't eat and won't swallow.  And he really doesn't even eat that much formula.  On average day, he's not even eating what the average 8 month old should eat in terms of ounces.  So I know this isn't all because he's filling up on formula.

But anyway, now that I'm making this post WAY longer than it needs to be, he did very well at the appointment.  He ate his pears just like he did the night before for me, maybe even a little better.  She did say that his swallowing is clearly not as mature as it should be.  She said his muscle movements and noises he makes are like what a 5 month old does when they are first starting to learn how to eat.

She didn't really say why he's behind, but that she is confident he will be fine.  We just have to keep feeding him and let him try to feed himself finger foods.  He loves Mum Mums, but he really just plays with them.  He will take a bite off, but spit most of it out.

Puffs, cheerios, etc. he spits them out right away.  So the only thing he's actually swallowing right now is the purees, but it's a big improvement!  The doctor said if he's not swallowing finger foods and table foods by the time he's a year, then we should probably bring him back.

He sure is cute, isn't he?

After seeing him eat the last few days, I am feeling a lot better about it all.  Obviously he's not hurting in the weight department, but I just wanted to make sure we took care of it now to avoid any issues later.

My cute boy will be 8 months tomorrow so hopefully I'll get that post up this week!

April 18, 2013

30 Miles in 30 Days

I have to get ready for Kase's appointment at the feeding clinic so I have to make this quick.  But I wanted to make sure to document how I did with my 30 miles in 30 days challenge this week.  I didn't do great, but still got 10 miles in.  The day after I did the 4 miles, my heels and arches in my feet really starting hurting.  As much as I love how my running shoes look, I don't think they're great for my feet.  And the last couple days I have had bad cramps and who wants to run when you have cramps?  So I still have my work cut out for me, but I am not giving up!

April 12th - 3 miles
April 13th - 4 miles
April 15th - 3 miles

Total for this week - 10 miles
(all my miles are on the treadmill, mostly running, but I take some breaks to walk and catch my breath)

15 miles

15 miles in 12 days

April 17, 2013

Let me explain & So What Wednesday

First things first.  I have created a Bloglovin button over on the top right so click over there to follow me.  In case you've been hiding under a rock and haven't heard, Google Friend Connect is going away so this will be the new way to follow me.  And hopefully none of the things that Tyler posted about me yesterday made you want to stop reading :)

Speaking of what my sweet hubby had to say (if you haven't read his post from yesterday, go HERE).  Anyway, I felt like I needed to explain myself on a few things.

1.  The toilet seat.  I think this goes back to when I was pregnant, fat and miserable.  I hated having to bend over in the middle of the night to pull the lid up.  Obviously I want him to put the seat down, just leave the lid up.  Basically just have it ready for me, haha.

2.  Going to the gym to run on the treadmill.  I have a few excuses for this one.  A) I wanted to run another errand.  B) Our treadmill had to be moved to make room for my Thirty-One meeting and it hadn't been moved back yet.  And I need to watch TV while I run.  C) Shawna and Bri, you are exactly right.  Kid-free time out of the house is limited so I will take it when I can :)

3.  Kyla got a "You Are My Sunshine" book and ever since has loved me singing it to her at night after her bedtime book.  Usually she talks me into singing it 3-4 times even though my singing is just as bad as my dancing.

4.  Let's talk about this cooking comment.  Yes, I like to eat out at least once a week.  Yes, I do frozen pizza once a week.  Yes, I have been slacking on trying new recipes.  But I always make sure we are fed.  I will do better with this one though!

I have to tell you guys, Tyler had typed that we will be married 8 years this July, when it's actually going to be 7.  So of course I had to call him out on it :)

I loved having him blog again though.  I think he's great at it and maybe I can talk him into a post a month?  Probably not, but I'll see what I can do.  Becky has the link up open for two weeks so you still have time to have your husband or whoever else write some random facts about YOU!  I'd love to read them :)

On a completely different topic, what does it take to get a good night light?  I am seriously so annoyed.  These 4 LED's are all fairly new and already don't work, even when fully charged.

And they are not cheap!  So I went with a cheap little Mickey plug-in one, which Kyla LOVED!  Guess what?  Not even a week later, doesn't work.  You can't tell me the bulb should burn out THAT fast.  Ugh!

Anyone have any good night light suggestions?  Kyla freaks out when she doesn't have one.  Luckily the mushroom in the first picture still *sort of* works, but it's more of a strobe light than a night light.  I think it scares her a little, but it's better than complete darkness.

So What Wednesday

Lastly, I'm linking up with Shannon for So What Wednesday!

So what, if Kase's sleeping habits this week have made me question baby #3.

So what, if I am a huge grump this morning.  Very little sleep, cramps, a headache and the fact that it's not supposed to stop raining until Friday are all to blame.

So what, if I am dying to get my hair highlighted.  I think it needs to happen next week!

So what, if I might just take both kids with me for both of their first haircuts!

So what, if Kyla gets so crazy excited every time she sees a bird outside the window and then we talk to it in our birdie voices :)

So what, if I was supposed to get some pictures of Kase done this afternoon, but I am rescheduling because nap time is MUCH more important today.

So what, if our basement still has all my Thirty-One stuff all over the place from my meeting that was LAST Thursday.

So what, if we stopped swaddling Kase, but have since put it back on.

So what, if this post was a little long and chaotic.

April 16, 2013

What Tyler Says About Me

Shortly after I started this blog, Tyler agreed to do a guest post for me.  I loved reading what he had to write!  You can read that post from September 2011 right here!  When I saw Becky was doing a link up where you had your spouse (or any loved one) write random facts about you, I begged him to do it for me.  And of course, he eventually agreed.

I feel like I need to explain myself on a few of these, but I will hold back.  For now.  I will let this post be all his! So here is what my sweet hubby has to say about me...

Amy asked me to jot down some random things that maybe I know about Amy that you might not.  Unfortunately, after being together for nearly 10 years (married 7 this July- I think...) nothing she does seems entirely random.  Don't get me wrong, that's not to say there is no spontaneity, but that seems different to me.  Regardless, here's my short list-

1. She's gotta have that toilet seat just right.  I was raised to put not only the seat down, but the lid too (which, when I think of it, really says something about my Mom since she was the only woman in a house full of boys).  Amy wants the seat down, lid up.  Here I thought I was doing things right all of these years, guess not.

2. This week she drove 15 miles to the gym where she works to run on the treadmill for a bit.  Has she mentioned we have a new treadmill ourselves down in our basement?  Figure that one out.  When you do, let me know why that one makes sense.

3.  She was, and still is pretty athletic. She played college basketball for a couple years (gave it up when she met me, likely due to her wanting to spend as much time with me as possible...)

4.  Speaking of college, back when we did party in college, Amy could hold her own when it came to knocking a few back.  She was no lightweight, though I think she'd rather be.  Hell, at that point in our lives, I would have preferred it too- she would have been a cheaper date.

5.  Here's one for us both- neither of us can dance, period.

6.  Amy sings to Kyla "You are my Sunshine" every night before bed.

7.  Amy once bought a kid's family tickets to go watch the Milwaukee Brewers play since he was a huge fan, had never been to a game, and his family likely couldn't afford it.

8.  From the drive me nuts category: she has the uncanny knack for asking me to get something for her as soon as I sit down.  I mean, c'mon!

9.  She runs this house and family.  She's also the schedule keeper- we'd all be lost and late without Mommy.

10.  I secretly think (secret's out now I suppose) that she keeps saying she's a bad cook just so she doesn't have to make meals.  Every time she does, they're delicious.

11.  She can't sleep without the fan on.  However, in a jaw-dropping move, she also needs extra blankets most nights...  again, you figure it out, please clue me in.

I'm sure she's got a bunch of other quirks and randomness that I can't draw on now for whatever reason.  All in all, she's Mrs. Mommy, and we love her to pieces (even though I know I'm right about keeping the toilet seat and lid down).

Mr. Mommy

April 15, 2013


My blog titles are so creative, aren't they?  It seems like lately I just haven't had the urge to sit down and write.  I probably blame it on not having time, but if I really wanted to write, I would make time.  But last night I just feel like writing.  So here is a random list of things that have been going on with us.

Kase has an appointment Thursday at a feeding clinic.  He still is not eating ANYTHING other than his formula and refusing to open his mouth for the spoon.  Anything he does get in his mouth, he gags on.  He will see a speech therapist, occupational therapist and dietitian.  I am very anxious, but he clearly needs it.  I will post after his appointment with an update.

My cousin who lives in Minnesota is planning her son's 2nd birthday party in the Dells the last weekend in May/first weekend in June.  I cannot wait!  Kyla's never been to anything close to a water park and I know she'll love it!  Hopefully Kase will like splashing around too :)

I thought about trying to potty train Kyla this weekend.  She's starting to seem really annoyed with her diapers and is reaching down in them.  I'll save you any details on that, but just know that I was taking it as a sign.  But as I thought about it more and tried to get her to sit on the potty for a bit, she's not ready.  But I think we're getting much closer!

Tyler and I sat down and looked at our calendar for this summer.  We have some fun things planned that I am SOOOO excited for.  I also started a summer bucket list for the kids and I.  Now if it would just warm up so we can get outside and start crossing things off!  This is our 7 day forecast...

Now that is depressing.  No sun for a week?  At least there are a couple 50's in there.

I have been really bad about taking pictures this week.  The kids have a closet full of spring and summer clothes they need to be able to wear so I can get some cute pictures.  I'm ready for my little man to show off those cute arms and legs!

You know what else I've been bad at?  Tot School!  Yes, we are STILL working on the letter D.  She loves to walk around the house and point to letters she knows.  She got all of Tyler's hats out of his drawer and told us what letters were on them.  Proud Mama right here!

We took the kids back to PlayN Wisconsin, the place that sells play equipment and you can pay to play on it all inside.  Well, we paid $9 to have Kyla throw some horrible tantrums.  At least Kase had fun and was a good boy!  He got to swing for the first time and loved it.

I just had my phone and every picture of him laughing is blurry :(
He is ready to move to a bigger car seat (actually I probably should have already done this) and it's making me realize how fast he is growing up.  This past week I packed away the bumbo, the boppy pillow and his little play mat because he just doesn't need them anymore.  How is this happening already?

Kyla started swim lessons again yesterday.  Before she was in the 6 month to 2 year group.  Now she is in the 2-3 year old group and Tyler said she is definitely behind most of the other kids.  Kase and I stayed home because I had a migraine.  But regardless of what the other kids are doing, I am happy with her getting in the water and being involved.  I think it is great for her!  And...Tyler said when they got in the locker room and started getting dressed (after lessons), she was acting very anxious and weird and then she peed down her leg (she had the swim diaper on, but it was obviously all wet).  She did not like that feeling at all so another good sign I think.  He said he could tell that she knew she had to go potty and didn't want to her in her wet diaper.  We have a birthday party two hours away on Saturday, otherwise we would be giving it a try then.  I can actually see a future with only having to buy diapers for one kid and it looks VERY nice!

I think that's all for now.  I'm hoping the weather man is wrong and we will get some sunshine this week.  We seriously need to get out of this house or Mama might lose her marbles.

Oh, come back tomorrow because Tyler will be blogging!  Becky over at From Mrs. to Mama is having a fun link-up and Tyler graciously agreed to participate!

April 12, 2013

Happy Friday!

When she learns new words, she says them ALL the time so everything is "stuck" right now.  And she is now in her room napping (aka - having a party with her teddy's and puppy).

Have a great weekend everyone!

April 11, 2013

April Challenge - 30 Miles in 30 Days

I saw this link up last Thursday night and even though it was already April 4th, I decided to join in and make sure to get 30 miles in the next 26 days!  Here is what Nikki says about the challenge:

Get in 30 Miles in 30 Days pretty much any way you can. Running, jogging, walking, elliptical, bike - whatever works for your fitness level. Keep track of your miles each week and link up on Thursdays to tell us how you did it. Let's get ready for our summer bodies!

I haven't really mentioned the whole weight loss thing lately so here's a little update.  On November 3rd, I posted these goals:

1. Lose 10 pounds by Christmas - Success!
2. Lose another 10 pounds by May - Success!
3. Work out 4 times a week - Some weeks I did and it's something I will continue to work on.
4. Only weigh myself on Friday's - Big fat fail!

Well, I'm happy to say I've lost those 20 pounds I wanted to lose.  As of today, I am 4 pounds less than I was before I got pregnant with Kase.  Weight wise, I'm very happy.  But I want to continue to get in shape and tone up.  I really need to work on my stomach.  I hate doing sit ups, but obviously this belly isn't going to flatten itself.  Yes, I realize I've had two babies and I may never have a flat stomach, but I bought a few tank tops from Old Navy last weekend and I seriously look pregnant in them.  So that is really my main priority right now.  That and just getting in good shape, building stamina and just feeling healthy overall.

I feel like I should get 30 miles easily with the walking I'll do with the kids on top of what I do on the treadmill.  But I'm going to only count the treadmill since I don't keep track of miles on our walks.

Well, let's talk about how the week went.  I didn't do nearly as many as I should have or would have liked.  I've been getting the house ready for my Thirty-One meeting that is tonight.  I usually run on the treadmill after the kids go to bed.  But this week I either was too tired or needed to do house work.  Excuses, excuses, right?  So here's where I'm at.

April 4th - 2 miles

April 6th - 3 miles
Total - 5 miles

5 miles

25 miles in 19 days

Starting this challenge a week late and then not doing so great this past week has made what I thought would be a very doable challenge, a very big challenge.  But I'm determined to do it because when I exercise, I feel good.  When I go a couple days without, I feel frumpy and don't have a lot of energy.  So, let's do this!  Who's with me?

April 9, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday - Our Favorite Teams

I am linking up with MeganLindsay, and Kelly for Trendy Tot Tuesday.  Check out all their cute tots!

Tyler and I were both born and raised in Wisconsin so we are true Wisconsin sports fans.  Badgers.  Brewers.  Packers.  We love them all!  And our kids will grow up loving them too!  So for today's Trendy Tot Tuesday, I am sharing some of their little team apparel that they have sported.

Last Monday was the Brewers opening day so they had their matching shirts on.  It brought the team good luck that day, but unfortunately they didn't get another win until yesterday!  We are 2-5 on the season, but luckily baseball is a really long season!  Kase needs a Brewer hat to match too!

This photo shoot was just too funny not to share.

I laugh every time I see Kase's face in this one.

"Mom, get this chick away from me!"

Doesn't it look like he got away with something here?

Here are a few random pictures supporting our Badgers.

Oh hey, look who's sitting up on his own!

Kyla was sporting her Badger dress when she was 7 months too!
And we can't forget our Packers!  I know I have a picture of Kase with some Packer clothes on, but I am missing some pictures and cannot figure out where they are for the life of me.  The laptop switcharoo is to blame, but I really hope they aren't gone forever.

How cute was Kyla with her Packer cheerleader dress?  I think we need another girl after looking back on all these cute pictures!

My kids will always have an outfit that fits them for whatever season we're in.  I absolutely LOVE dressing them up on game days.  Their Brewers shirts will fit them all summer and then they will both need new Badger stuff when football season comes around.  Maybe we'll get lucky and some of Kyla's stuff will still fit.  Kase?  Not a chance that will happen :)

April 8, 2013

Our Favorite iPad Apps

I know some people disagree with letting your toddlers play with iPads, but I am not one of those people.  Obviously I don't let her sit on it all day.  But most days (not all), I will allow her a little time on it if she's been a good girl and had no timeouts.  It also has come in very handy at restaurants, doctor appointments, etc.  I absolutely think some of these apps that she loves have helped her learn her colors, shapes, ABC's, animals, etc.

We work on letters a lot and she has her placemat at the table where we talk about them.  But the couple of apps that we have that specifically work on letters have helped her to actually recognize many letters.  We were going through the McDonald's drive thru the other day (Mama needed some caffeine) and I didn't even realize right outside our window on the side of the building was the McDonald's logo and name.  She kept pointing out her window saying "C C C C" and I finally realized she was talking about the C in McDonald's.  She does this all the time with things around the house or books with not just C, but many other letters that I had no idea she even knew.  And one night in the bathtub, she had the number 8 foam thing and she said "EIGHT".  So do I think the iPad is bad?  Absolutely not!

So here are a few of our favorites!

1.  Squiggles (Free) - This is her favorite right now.  Her "squiggles" come to life.  Here is one example of where you make squiggles, push Go, and the cars come to life.  There are so many fun things (sheep's wool, rocket's smoke, clouds to make it rain to water the flowers, cotton candy).  The colors are bright and fun and the sound effects are great!  And it's free...sweet!

2.  Elmo's ABC's ($4.99) - I have to be honest, if we didn't have an iTunes gift card, I probably wouldn't have paid five bucks for it.  I'm sure glad we had the gift card though because we LOVE this app!  It is probably geared toward preschool aged kids, but Kyla still gets a lot out of it.  I take her finger and help her trace the letters.  Once you trace them, you can watch videos, color things and lots of other activities of things that start with that letter.  I would say when all the letters are shown like in the picture, Kyla can point to over half of them when you ask her where it is.  There are still a lot of features that are over Kyla's head like being able to choose the object that starts with that letter.  But with some help, she can do most of it.  Kyla loves Elmo's cute little voice too :)

3.  Watch Disney Junior (Free) - This has full episodes of Mickey, Little Einsteins, Doc McStuffins, Handy Manny, and many more.  This one isn't interactive, it's just the full episodes.  But sometimes I'll let her watch a show on there if I don't want it on the main TV or if I need to get something done.  The only negative about this one is you need the internet for it so you can't watch it in the car.  She tries and gets frustrated when it doesn't work.

4.  Toddler Counting ($0.99) - Kyla loves this one, but to be honest, I feel like it should be free.  The picture below is exactly what the whole app is.  There are different objects and you touch each one and count them. When you count them all, a new object with a different amount shows up.  Very simple, but Kyla has always loved counting things so she loves it.  I think this will be a good beginner app for Kase when he starts using iPad.

5.  Baby Piano HD ($2.49) - I love this one!  You can have two people (the picture on the right) so Kyla and I both play together.  You can have the keys play the regular sounds or change it to animal noises.  You can just do free play, play along with a popular nursery rhyme, or you can even just play any notes randomly and it still sounds like a song.  That's my favorite :)  You can also record songs and save them.  It's colorful, fun and perfect for babies or toddlers.  This is another one that I think Kase will enjoy soon.


6.  PBS Kids (Free) - We don't watch PBS so Kyla hasn't seen of those cartoons.  This is one that I let her watch when I need to make dinner or take a shower so I don't know a lot about the shows, but she seems to love them!

7.  Abby The Train Driver Colors (Free) - There are a lot of other Abby apps (some free, some not), but so far we only have the colors.  I really should install a few others because Kyla has her colors mastered.  Abby asks you to choose the correct color animal or whatever and if you get it right, you get a sticker.  Kyla plays with this, but I think she's getting a little bored.  I will have to check out the others!

8.  Laugh & Learn Shapes & Colors Music Show For Baby (Free) - It has two different levels.  The first one you basically just touch the screen and a different shape pops up.  The second level is like the picture.  It is a piano that helps with colors and shapes.  It's a pretty simple app, but has fun music and the dancing shapes are cute.

9.  Mickey's Road Rally (Free) - This was the first app I downloaded and it's still one of her favorites.  It's a Mickey episode, but is interactive.  You talk to it, touch it, shake it, tilt it.  It's fun.  And free!

10.  Monkey Preschool Lunchbox ($0.99) - We love this app!  It works on counting, colors, puzzles, letter recognition, matching.  Kyla can do most everything and she actually surprises me with a lot of things.  We do this app together a lot.  I will show her the B and ask her which word starts with that same letter and she gets it every time.  She loves the matching games.  Overall, it's definitely worth the $0.99, in my opinion.


The picture below is the one thing that annoys me about this app.  Kyla knows how to drag the banana pieces over, but you literally have to get it exactly in the correct spot or it won't work.  She always asks for help when she sees this come on.  I sometimes even have to drag pieces a few times because it doesn't work.  It's just a little touchy.  I think as long as they are in the right area, it should recognize it.  But this is really my only complaint.  She will get it soon I'm sure.

We have some other apps on our iPad, but these are the ones that seem to get played with the most.

What apps am I missing that you and your kiddos love?