March 7, 2013

Why I Still Need My Mom

It's not her birthday or Mother's Day.  I appreciate her so much every day so today is as good of a day as any to share 10 reasons why I still need her.

1.  She is always just a phone call away when I have a cooking question.  I am not a good cook at all so she often gets calls with "How long should I leave the chicken in the oven?" or "What should I do with this roast?"

2.  She is always just a phone call away when I just need to talk.  We, on average, probably talk 3 times a day.  It's very rare if we go a day without talking.  If my phone rings, Tyler and I both know it's my mom.  And I'm sure the same goes on at her house when her phone rings.  We have always been the best of friends so we just need to have our every day conversations.

3.  She encourages me.  She tells me I'm a good mom.  She tells me it's ok to go out and do things for myself once in awhile.  She's been there so she knows.

4.  She comes over a lot to help with the kids, but also just to keep me company.  Or so I can get a few things done around the house without a little redhead crying at my legs to pick her up.  I texted her yesterday and asked if she wanted to come over and she was here just over an hour later.  Tyler had a work party so we made tacos and just hung out, but it was so nice and made the day go much smoother.

5.  She is a good shopping buddy.  And she still spoils me once in awhile.  She spoils the kids too.  Sometimes we just make a last second decision to meet at Shopko, just to get out of the house.

6.  She tells me what to do.  Sometimes when I don't want her to, haha.  But also because I am so indecisive so she will tell me whether to keep my hair long or cut if off, what I should have to eat at Kyla's birthday, or whether she thinks I should take the kids to the doctor when they're sick.

7.  She is the most selfless and generous person I know.  If she hears about a fundraiser, she is the first one to donate.  She will buy backpacks and fill them with school supplies to donate to the school for kids that need them.  She will take her hard earned money and rarely spend it on herself.  She loves helping people and never tells people about it.  She doesn't do it for the attention.  She does it because it makes her feel good to help others.

8.  She loves her grandchildren and would do anything for them.  If she could snuggle them up all day, she would.  She just can't get enough of them.

9.  She calms me down when I'm having a bad day.  She tells me to let Kyla play with the iPad and go take a hot shower.  She reminds me that they are just kids.  But when I just need to vent, she just listens.

10.  She would drop everything to help me or be here for me.  She has many times.  Whether it's taking a day off of work without pay, canceling plans, driving over here in the middle of the night, canceling vacations, she would literally do anything for me and my family.

My mom was a young mom and had my brothers and I all close.  When I think about her doing all of that with her parents living in Arizona and she was here in Wisconsin, I don't know how she did it.  She was a single mom and did absolutely everything she possibly could for us.  Now do you understand why I'm 30 years old and still need my Mama? :)

Love you Mom!  Don't be mad that I posted a picture of you :)


  1. What a sweet post! Cute pic too :-)

  2. Oh Amy, you made me cry. That's what moms are suppose to do. I am so blessed to have three wonderful children, a wonderful daughter-in-law and son-in-law. And most of all you kids have given me the most wonderful grandchildren ever! LOVE ALL FOUR OF THEM TOO!

    Love ya,

  3. aww this post was awesome! i have a VERY similar relationship with my mom and i love it! :)

  4. Such a great post, Amy! Your mom has to be so proud of you, and knowing her, I can say she is a pretty amazing lady!

  5. I don't know what happened to my comment, but I'll make it again: This made me tear up. You are one lucky girl to have such an amazing & beautiful Mama!! It's no wonder you are such a great mom yourself.

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  7. Your mom is pretty awesome! :) I definitely need my mommy too :)

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  9. I love this and, you know what? You're never ever too old for your mommy! I talk to mine on a daily basis and find myself needing her now more than ever. She is my biggest cheerleader and every once in a while, she will comment on my blog, which is just the cutest!

  10. What a sweet post, Amy! And your momma is gorgeous, she needs to be on the blog more often!! :) I always call my mom about cooking.. fixing things... etc! She's on speed dial for sure!!

  11. I love this! We were both blessed with such wonderful mothers :) So glad we have them both in our lives!