March 6, 2013

What's Up Wednesday

It's Wednesday and I felt like a little life update was in order so here's what's up with us!

My mom and step dad came over last Friday and Kyla was a MAJOR Grandpa's girl.  It was the cutest thing I've ever seen.

They were watching Little Einsteins and it was the one where the big bad wolf blows down the three pigs' houses.  Fast forward to yesterday morning when the same one came on.  I heard Kyla making this strange noise while I was feeding Kase.  I thought she was choking or something.  And then I realized she was making wolf noises.  So in true Mom fashion, I got it on video.

You can tell she is a little scared of the wolf.  And of course she heard me laughing so she stopped huffing and puffing (or snorting in her case), haha.

Saturday we took a family shopping trip to Old Navy and Carter's.  Tyler got some shirts from Old Navy, I got one (which may be returned), and Kyla got a ball from the quarter machine :)

I had a 20% off my entire purchase at Carter's so I got Kyla a few every day shirts for this summer.  They were on sale for $8 and then I had the coupon.

My mom got her some cute little grey shorts that look perfect with the puppy and elephant.  And she has some ruffle shorts from Children's Place to go with the others.  Have I mentioned recently that I can't wait for summer?

Kase got a few things too.  How cute is he going to be in that little polo?  I now have a free $10 coupon to spend there by the end of March so I think he may need another one.

Sunday we went to Target to get a few necessities.  We got Kyla a bike helmet for her Easter basket.  My mom got her a tricycle for her birthday so as soon as this snow melts, that baby is getting put together!  She insisted on wearing the helmet the ENTIRE time we were in the store.

And then when we got home and were reading books later that night.

Monday while we were eating lunch, Kyla (out of nowhere) pointed to the O on her placemat and said "O".  Then pointed to the C and said "C", with no prompting.  I was shocked.  So that night while we were eating dinner, she did the same thing for Tyler, and also did the A.  She really is paying attention, haha :)

Tyler had meetings that night and usually doesn't get home until after the kids are in bed.  But to our surprise, he got home just in time to help get Kyla to bed.  She clung onto him so tight and would not let go!

I didn't get a picture of it, but she also had her little toes in his jeans pocket.  It was so cute.  She wanted to make sure he didn't let her go!

And Kase man needed some love from Daddy too.

Yesterday we were stuck inside all day because of the snow so I went back and looked at Kyla's pictures when she was six months to compare.

I don't think they look anything alike, how about you?


  1. I love the noise she makes, haha! It sounds like the same noise my dog makes when he is having an asthma attack, hehe! :)

    That polo shirt is so cute! I love it! Kase will look adorable in it! He is just getting so big.

    Love the comparison pictures, and I don't think they look a whole lot alike, other than possibly the noises and chubby cheeks (although Kyla's appear a bit chubbier :).

  2. That video was adorable!! HAHA, I love that noise, and your right I would have freaked out hearing hudson make that noise and thought he was choking too.

    I think they definitely have their own look, but you can tell they are related though :)

  3. Oh I think Kyla & Kase look a lot alike!!

  4. That's so cute that she wore the bike helmet all day!

  5. That video is SO CUTE!!! And I love kyla in her lil helmet!!

    I'm not saying it has to be soon, but you MUST have baby #3 haha, you are too good at making cute kids ;)