March 25, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

I used to stress over getting a blog post published every day.  But I've become much more relaxed about it.  I just don't have the time or energy to post every day.  I have thought (many times) about giving up the blog altogether.  But when I *do* have time to sit down and write, I love it.  And I know our families like to keep up with Kyla and Kase.  And most importantly, I think it will be so much fun for the kids to be able to look back on all of this some day.  So, Mrs. Mommy continues on...just maybe a little less frequent.

So what's going on with us?  Well, this is getting really redundant, but seriously, this cold weather has GOT. TO. GO!  Both kids are sick again.  We aren't getting much sleep.  Well, except for Kyla.  She's a trooper.  She has a horrible cold and cough and slept until 8:30 this morning.  Kase man, on the other hand, is still waking up at least every hour.  He has a cough that sounds like an old man, which often leads to puking.  Poor thing.  And we're having a heck of a time feeding him solids.  I'll save that for his 7 month post, which will hopefully be coming soon.  I have a headache and sore throat today and will be amazed if I don't get the rest of their sickness.  I am teaching Kyla how to blow her nose, but they both seem to enjoy wiping their snot on me instead.

On Saturday I took Kyla to Play N Wisconsin, which is a place that sells outdoor play equipment (swing sets, basketball hoops, trampolines, etc).  They have open play times where you can just bring your kids in and let them play on all of the equipment.  Genius, right?  I heard about it awhile ago, but forgot all about it.  It was the perfect thing to get out of the house!  Tyler stayed home with Kase since he was sick.  Kyla had so much fun.  It was $9, but totally worth it!  I didn't haul my big camera with me so these are from my phone and are pretty blurry.

If I let her play ball the whole time we were there, she would have.  But some big kids came and were not too aware of the little girl.  So we moved on.
She wasn't sure about the trampolines at first.  She just wanted to sit down and bounce.  I eventually got her up and jumping though.

She was a major chicken about climbing up on any of the play sets.  She does it fine at the parks, but these must have been a little more intimidating.  I put her up there on this one and she kept saying "NO, down!  All done!  Down!"
I want to go back with Tyler and Kase sometime soon.  I know Daddy will get her to be more adventurous. And Kase will love swinging I think!

I've been working way more than I'd like to at the gym.  I worked Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and work again tonight.  But thankfully I don't work until next Monday now.  It's my own fault really.  I am too nice and say I will work for people when they are in a bind.  But I will be sticking to my Monday and every other Friday for awhile now.  That is too much for my liking.

That's all for now.  My two little sickies need their Mama.  I'll leave you with a couple pictures from the weekend.

We had a very short, not very productive 7 month photo shoot yesterday.
Before bed on Saturday night.  These are her Santa pj's that she still insists on wearing.  She loves to pick out her own pj's at night now and she ALWAYS picks these if they're clean.  She loves Santa!
Hope you all had a great weekend!  We might just get into the 40's this week.  Can you believe it?


  1. How fun! I wish they had something like that around here!

  2. I'm SO over the cold weather. It's snowing here in Maryland and I'm OVER IT! I wanna open my windows and plant flowers. The weather just doesn't help with my motivation lol

  3. Yay for the warmer weather coming, I can't wait! I even see some 50s in our forecast---It's going to feel tropical :-)

    Hope the kids start feeling better again soon!

  4. Dean loves Santa too! We're still hearing about Santa cookies and occasionally he walks around the house yelling, "ho, ho, ho!" Hope everyone gets well soon!

  5. Aww I hope everyone gets healthy soon! I'm sure that's tough... and cold weather on top of that YUCK! It's cold and snowy in Ohio today too, so I feel ya!

    And you better never stop blogging ma'am ;) We don't care if it's only once a week, but we like your updates!!

  6. Poor Kase :( Are you running a humidifier in his room at night? That helped Joey a TON when he had RSV. I hear ya on being sick of this cold weather with little ones couped up in the house - it's gotten beyond OLD. I love that Kyla is picking out her own PJs, too cute!! Hang in's GOT to get warmer soon, right?! Yes and please don't stop blogging ;)

    1. We were running the humidifier in his room, but as of last night, it's in Kyla's room because her cold is worse. I really need to buy another one!

  7. I love that play place! I was literally telling my husband over the weekend that I wish there, was an, indoor park...with actual swings/slides etc. here in Utah. Maybe there is, I need to do some research. I'm sick of the mall, play place

  8. I have never heard of Play N WI before....we are totally going to check that out! Thanks for the great idea...and hope the kids feel better soon!
    Jessie Z.

  9. I agree with the cold weather needing to go! I am so over it! Where is Spring?!?