March 4, 2013

Tot School - C is for Caterpillar, Cow & Clouds

Tot School

Our "C" week ended up being more of a "C" month, but we have had a lot going on.  I started working part time, working out a little bit during the days and taking the kids to daycare for an hour here or there, lots of sicknesses, and other random things that kept us from our regular Tot School time.

As always, we worked on drawing and recognizing C's.

Kyla loves to trace her hands now.

She actually does a very good job!  But of course we get lots of marker on the fingers :)

We did a C is for Caterpillar do-a-dot page.  She is doing so well with getting the dots IN the circles.

My aunt got Kyla this ABC velcro thing for Christmas and we finally hung it up downstairs.  She loves it!  First I just let her play around and put things wherever she wanted.  Then I told her to put the blue on the blue, purple on purple, etc.  She clearly isn't going to be able to match the letters yet or the picture of the cat with the letter C.

She has been loving her new clock puzzle.  Now I don't have a clue if this is normal for her age, but I think she does such an awesome job with it.  There are 12 different shape pieces and she can look at each one and know exactly where it goes.  Here is the second half of a video (the first half didn't work).  I am trying to take a lot more videos lately because they will just be so much fun to look back on some day.

Grandma Cheryl got Kyla some new crayons, which she has been loving.

I taught her how to use the glue this month and now she is obsessed with gluing.  We did a colorful C caterpillar.

We made a cow out of a paper plate.

I decided awhile ago that I am not going to put a lot of effort into adding things to Kyla's projects.  It's pointless to do projects with her if I'm doing everything.  So our cow is very toddler-ish.  She did everything, but the cutting out of the mouth and ears.

Since she was loving the glue, I let her make some clouds.  It was the only C thing I could think of :)

No help from Mama, other than a little squeeze of the glue here or there when it got stuck.

The hour that I'm trying to get dinner ready before Tyler gets home is always the hardest.  So I often let Kyla sit at the table with the basket of pens and do her thing.  She now says "new one" when she wants a fresh piece of paper.

Kase won't be doing Tiny Tot School until he turns 1, but he likes to sit and supervise.  And he's just too cute to leave out of these posts all the time!

Kyla asks me to draw balls all the time and I told her I didn't know how to draw a volleyball.  Daddy got home just in time to draw one for her!

Here were our C library books.

It's funny how she always has one favorite and just wants to read that one over and over.  This time it was Counting Cockatoos.

I planned on making cookies with her, but we never did it.  I knew I'd eat way too many and I'm still trying to lose weight.  I did sing "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?" with her, which she thought was pretty funny.

Hopefully it won't be another month with the letter D!  Although I don't think Kyla would correctly point to a letter A, B, or C, she is saying "A" and "C" when we read or draw.  She just loves doing stuff with me and I can tell is really taking it all in.


  1. Looks like a fun month! I think she's doing awesome with that puzzle---we have that same one and I don't think Brielle gets them all that well, but I haven't really paid attention to be honest haha...I should! I know between her and Raya they get it done, but I have a feeling Raya doesn't let Brielle put very many in ;-)

  2. so cute! were working on shapes here! I think after her first birthday we will start letters! I may be coming back and picking your brain for some ideas :)

  3. i love your tout school posts! i need too get back on the tot school band wagon haha. she is doing awesome with that puzzle! Hudson made, me watch the video like 3 times. he would ask who she was adorable

  4. Amy, she did *fantastic* on the shape puzzle! I would say that is definitely advanced for her age! Way to go, Kyla! And, she is my kind of girl putting it away after she's done, haha! ;)

  5. this is so cute & such a cute idea!! must attempt tackling the letters better! how old is she? such a creative momma!

  6. You all are so busy! I love that velcro alphabet mat, I have never seen anything like it.