March 29, 2013

The best big sister

This morning while I was having our twice a day torture session (aka - giving Kase his medicine), I started crying.  This kid just will not eat or swallow anything!  And since we have no choice but to give him his antibiotics for his ear infection, I have to force it down.  It is not fun.

I have tried putting it in his bottle, but he's too smart for that.  He refuses to drink it.  And as soon as he sees the syringe, he closes his mouth so tight that I literally have to pry it open.  Last night Tyler had to help me get his mouth open.  This morning I just broke down.  The poor boy is looking at me like "Mommy, why are you doing this to me?" and I just had to take a break.  Obviously he needs the medicine, but I just hate watching him while I force his mouth open and then force the medicine down his throat.  The shot form of the medicine is still an option, but I am trying to avoid that at all costs.  I'm going to see how the weekend goes and call his doctor on Monday.

But this girl right here?  Yep, the one that got to eat cinnamon rolls with Mama and still has a messy face...

She was watching this from a distance and when she saw my tears, she came over, hugged me and said "Awww".  Seriously, it made me cry more, haha.  And then when I was ready to start the torture again, she sat next to me and held Kase's hand.  It was by far the sweetest thing I've ever seen.  She held his hand and watched.  I love her so much!  Even if she does this crazy "Cheese" face...

Yes, we are still in our pj's and yes, she saw Santa was clean so she insisted on wearing them again.  When she grabs the shirt out of the drawer, she tickles Santa and says "tick tick tick" and laughs.  She can wear them all year long for all I care!

She wins the best big sister award today!


  1. Aww, hang in there friend!! I'm sure that's tough but just remember you're helping little man feel better!! Hope it gets a little easier on you this weekend. You are so blessed with two adorable children, and what a sweet big sister Kyla is!!

  2. Aww, she is so sweet! I am sure its hard but you are doing what is best and in a few days I am sure he will start to feel better and has such a good mommy to thank! Hope your weekend gets better!

  3. Kyla is such a sweetie. Try laying Kase on his back, use a dropper and give him a few drops at a time - put it on the back of this gums( like where his molars will be someday). He may spit some of it out, but it usually works. Lots less gaggy than other methods. Good luck!

    1. Trust me, we've tried it all! We always do just a little bit at a time. The main problem is getting his mouth open enough to get it in there and then to get him to swallow it. He gags and pukes when trying to swallow. We've tried putting it in his cheek, gums, straight down the throat, etc. Thanks for the advice though :)

  4. SO sweet! I know exactly what you mean when they do something adorable & makes you cry harder. sometimes they are perfect. Thank God for that, hope Kase feels better soon!

  5. I hope Kase gets feeling better soon! I can all too well relate. One of the meds LB is still on, he hates and I have to pry his mouth open and then hold his mouth and cheeks shut in order to make him swallow it. It is heartbreaking. :( Kyla is such a sweetie!

  6. That is just SO precious of Kyla! What a sweetheart. I hear ya on giving the meds, it sucks. Since Joey got his 2nd ear infection so close to the first, they presumed the antibiotic didn't quite work. So they changed it to a different one (I forget, but amoxicillin is usually first line). Anyway, the 2nd stuff tasted MUCH better (yes I tried it) and was less frequent (once a day maybe? I forget). So, long story short, if his ears aren't healing and he just won't take it, you can always ask them to switch the antibiotic. Never hurts to ask.

  7. Awe, I'm sorry! But how sweet of Kyla to be by your side and hold kase's hand!

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