March 29, 2013

Easter Basket Sneak Peek

I finally got a couple last things for the kids' baskets today so I thought I'd link up with The Good Life for her Easter Basket Blog Hop.

I got both baskets from Pottery Barn and had them personalized.  Obviously I've had Kyla's for awhile and just ordered Kase's a couple months ago.  I was so mad when I saw they were different sizes.  Apparently small is different in the different colors.  Oh well.

Kase's name is hard to read too and isn't as big.  Grr!
I have to admit, I went a little overboard with Kyla's basket.  I basically had her done and then got her three more things today when really I only needed to get Kase something.  But a lot of her stuff is little, practical things.  Everything except the Brewers items are from Target.

Big girl undies (hopefully this will start the potty training conversation)
New toothbrushes
Band-Aids (She's into "owies" so I am planning for scrapped knees this summer)
Hair brush (she's always stealing mine and I can never find it)
Brewers hat (she LOVES wearing Tyler's hat so I know she's going to love this)
Brewers shirt
Minnie Mouse flap book
2 little M&M packs (She doesn't need candy, but I felt like a few M&M's would get her so excited and wouldn't hurt anything :)

And now here's Kase's sad little basket

Brewers shirt
Baby toothbrushes
Teething toys
Giraffe ball popping toy

I really wanted to get him more, but I didn't want to get him toys because we obviously have plenty.  I was going to get some puffs or other baby food items, but we all know how well he'd like those.

Overall, I'm pretty excited for Easter morning!

Go over and link up and share what your kiddos are getting for Easter!

The best big sister

This morning while I was having our twice a day torture session (aka - giving Kase his medicine), I started crying.  This kid just will not eat or swallow anything!  And since we have no choice but to give him his antibiotics for his ear infection, I have to force it down.  It is not fun.

I have tried putting it in his bottle, but he's too smart for that.  He refuses to drink it.  And as soon as he sees the syringe, he closes his mouth so tight that I literally have to pry it open.  Last night Tyler had to help me get his mouth open.  This morning I just broke down.  The poor boy is looking at me like "Mommy, why are you doing this to me?" and I just had to take a break.  Obviously he needs the medicine, but I just hate watching him while I force his mouth open and then force the medicine down his throat.  The shot form of the medicine is still an option, but I am trying to avoid that at all costs.  I'm going to see how the weekend goes and call his doctor on Monday.

But this girl right here?  Yep, the one that got to eat cinnamon rolls with Mama and still has a messy face...

She was watching this from a distance and when she saw my tears, she came over, hugged me and said "Awww".  Seriously, it made me cry more, haha.  And then when I was ready to start the torture again, she sat next to me and held Kase's hand.  It was by far the sweetest thing I've ever seen.  She held his hand and watched.  I love her so much!  Even if she does this crazy "Cheese" face...

Yes, we are still in our pj's and yes, she saw Santa was clean so she insisted on wearing them again.  When she grabs the shirt out of the drawer, she tickles Santa and says "tick tick tick" and laughs.  She can wear them all year long for all I care!

She wins the best big sister award today!

March 28, 2013

Kase - 7 Months

Dear Kase,

I feel like I just wrote your six month post.  Oh, that's right, I did.  Oops.  I promise to try to be better about keeping up with these.  I know you don't mind though!

Well, you have your first ear infection.  It is my first too because your sister has never had one.  I hope it's our last too!  Even though the doctor said your ear looked terrible, you have still been so happy during the days.  Yes, your nights have been pretty rough, but you are still your happy self for the most part.  Plus you have a new tooth cutting through on the top.  You are one tough cookie!

Just in the week or two since I posted your six month update, I feel like you have grown up so much.  You are really started to interact and play with your toys.  It's so much fun to watch!

I hope we can get you feeling better and eating better really soon.  We want to take you up to see your grandparents and great grandparents on Saturday, but we can only do that if you're healthy.  They miss you so much so it will be so good for them to get to see you and Kyla and for you guys to get to see them too!

I love you so much little man.  Your sweet smile melts my heart.

Love, Mommy

(as of 3/11/13)
Weight: 22 lb 6 oz (99.52%)
Height: 28.75" (99.79%)
Head: 46.5 cm (100%)
Diaper SizeSize 4
Clothes Size: 18 months
Shoe Size: Not really sure
Eye ColorBlue
Hair Color: My little blondie
Teeth:  Two bottom ones and two coming in on the top
Next Doctor Appointment: May 28th (9 month checkup)

Mr. Serious watching the basketball games
You are going to bed around 8:30.  The last two weeks or so you have been waking up between 11:00 and 1:00 and then about every hour after that.  Well, knowing now that you have an ear infection, I guess that explains your discomfort at night.  I'm sorry buddy.  I don't know how long you've had it, but I'm hoping not too long.  I'm glad I took you to the doctor for you eating issues and that she checked your ears too.

You are napping quite a bit during the day still.  You usually take a nap in the morning for an hour or so, a good one for a couple hours in the afternoon while Kyla naps, and then you usually need a little cat nap around 5:00.  You nap in your crib except for when Mommy wants to lay down too.  When I need a little sleep, I lay you next to me in my bed.  I love watching you sleep and am trying to savor every second that I can because you are growing up so fast.  But the main reason I do this is because you often wake up during naps and want your nuk.  So it's easier for me to just reach over and stick it back in rather than get up and go to your room.  I know some people would say this is bad, but I don't care.  I did this with your sister too and she is just fine :)

Let's start with your formula.  We always put 6 oz in the bottle, but you rarely finish it anymore.  At night when you're really tired you will eat about 5 oz and in the morning when you're really hungry you will sometimes eat all 6.  But during the day, you have only been eating 2-4 oz every 3-4 hours.  The last few days have been only 2 oz each feeding.  I'm hoping it's because of the ear infection/cold/cough.  The doctor said if you are eating less than 25 oz in a day, we should be a little concerned.  You are definitely under that lately.  They weighed you yesterday to make sure you aren't losing and you were 22.8 pounds.  So at least you aren't losing weight.  But I still am hoping you will start eating better once we get you healthy.

Now, onto solids.  I'll try not to write a novel here.  You do not like eating.  Anything!  We have tried rice cereal, sweet potatoes, green beans and bananas.  You gag on every little bite and often throw up.  We have been trying to feed you for about a month now and I kept thinking it would get better, but it's not.  You are to the point now where you won't even open your mouth for us.  I am hoping it's just a texture issue and you just don't like the purees.  Your doctor wants us to try some finger foods and see if you have the same issue.  I find it hard to believe you're going to be able to swallow a puff or cheerio if you can't swallow the baby food, but I am willing to give it a shot!  You also refuse to swallow any baby Tylenol so I thought the amoxicillin would be a huge struggle.  I tried putting it in your bottle the first night and you drank a little bit, but you're a smart baby, you knew something was different and refused to drink it.  Yesterday morning I attempted to just put it right in your mouth.  We've tried this with Tylenol before and you have gagged and thrown up every time.  It was a struggle, but I did get you to swallow it all eventually.  We have 9 more days of this so hopefully each time will get a little better.

I really hope at 8 months I have a good update on this whole eating thing!

I think you just really don't like the monthly tie stickers because every other time I take your picture you smile :)

~You love playing with your toes.
~You are reaching and grabbing all of your toys.  You always want to have something in your hands.
~You are interacting with Kyla and it's so cute.  She likes to imitate you and then you squeal back at her.
~You do not stay on your back long when we lay you down on the floor.  You immediately roll over to your stomach and then eventually get frustrated.
~You are still not sitting up completely on your own, but pretty darn close!
~We are still swaddling you, but those days are definitely numbered.
~You like cruising in your walker, but you're still going backwards for the most part.
~You do not like being left alone in a room.  You just like attention I guess.
~We are still giving you baths in the baby tub since you can't sit up on your own yet.
~You love when Kyla talks to you during your bath.
~When you're on your belly, you try to scoot forward to reach your toys.

Happy 7 months sweet boy!  I love you!

March 25, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

I used to stress over getting a blog post published every day.  But I've become much more relaxed about it.  I just don't have the time or energy to post every day.  I have thought (many times) about giving up the blog altogether.  But when I *do* have time to sit down and write, I love it.  And I know our families like to keep up with Kyla and Kase.  And most importantly, I think it will be so much fun for the kids to be able to look back on all of this some day.  So, Mrs. Mommy continues on...just maybe a little less frequent.

So what's going on with us?  Well, this is getting really redundant, but seriously, this cold weather has GOT. TO. GO!  Both kids are sick again.  We aren't getting much sleep.  Well, except for Kyla.  She's a trooper.  She has a horrible cold and cough and slept until 8:30 this morning.  Kase man, on the other hand, is still waking up at least every hour.  He has a cough that sounds like an old man, which often leads to puking.  Poor thing.  And we're having a heck of a time feeding him solids.  I'll save that for his 7 month post, which will hopefully be coming soon.  I have a headache and sore throat today and will be amazed if I don't get the rest of their sickness.  I am teaching Kyla how to blow her nose, but they both seem to enjoy wiping their snot on me instead.

On Saturday I took Kyla to Play N Wisconsin, which is a place that sells outdoor play equipment (swing sets, basketball hoops, trampolines, etc).  They have open play times where you can just bring your kids in and let them play on all of the equipment.  Genius, right?  I heard about it awhile ago, but forgot all about it.  It was the perfect thing to get out of the house!  Tyler stayed home with Kase since he was sick.  Kyla had so much fun.  It was $9, but totally worth it!  I didn't haul my big camera with me so these are from my phone and are pretty blurry.

If I let her play ball the whole time we were there, she would have.  But some big kids came and were not too aware of the little girl.  So we moved on.
She wasn't sure about the trampolines at first.  She just wanted to sit down and bounce.  I eventually got her up and jumping though.

She was a major chicken about climbing up on any of the play sets.  She does it fine at the parks, but these must have been a little more intimidating.  I put her up there on this one and she kept saying "NO, down!  All done!  Down!"
I want to go back with Tyler and Kase sometime soon.  I know Daddy will get her to be more adventurous. And Kase will love swinging I think!

I've been working way more than I'd like to at the gym.  I worked Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and work again tonight.  But thankfully I don't work until next Monday now.  It's my own fault really.  I am too nice and say I will work for people when they are in a bind.  But I will be sticking to my Monday and every other Friday for awhile now.  That is too much for my liking.

That's all for now.  My two little sickies need their Mama.  I'll leave you with a couple pictures from the weekend.

We had a very short, not very productive 7 month photo shoot yesterday.
Before bed on Saturday night.  These are her Santa pj's that she still insists on wearing.  She loves to pick out her own pj's at night now and she ALWAYS picks these if they're clean.  She loves Santa!
Hope you all had a great weekend!  We might just get into the 40's this week.  Can you believe it?

March 21, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts

I'm thinking I have a little diva on my hands.

I'm thinking 14 degrees for the first day of Spring is really depressing.  It's just annoying at this point.  It's the end of March and I feel like I shouldn't even take the kids out of the house.  I've. Had. Enough.

I'm thinking I absolutely love this time of year - March Madness (but obviously would like some warmer temps)!

I'm thinking I should start Kase's 7 month post even though I just posted his 6 month one.  He will be 7 months on Sunday!

I'm thinking lugging Kase around in the infant car seat is getting to be a huge pain.  But it's easier to make sure he's bundled up.  As soon as it warms up, we're switching him to the bigger one.

I'm thinking I really need to get my butt to the pool and pay for Kyla's swim lessons before they boot her out.  They start Sunday, April 7th!

I'm thinking I need to schedule Kase's 9 month appointment.  Thanks Tammy for the reminder :)

I'm thinking I really need to get caught up on my favorite blogs.  I apologize I haven't been around to comment.

I'm thinking this one load of laundry a day thing is much easier than waiting until I have five loads.  Who woulda thought?

I'm thinking I should really start getting the kids' Easter baskets ready.

I'm thinking this weekend is a perfect time to take Kyla back to the Children's Museum.

I'm thinking Kyla's mama's girl syndrome is at an all time high right now.  She literally clings onto my leg if I won't pick her up and I walk with her glued onto me.

I'm thinking I have no idea what this Bloglovin'/Google Reader stuff really means and if I should be doing anything.  I'll figure it out one of these days.

I'm thinking you should all go over to my Thirty-One Facebook group and guess how many eggs are in this Mini Utility Bin.  Guessing ends tonight and the winner wins a free Keep It Caddy in this same pattern.  You must request to join my Facebook group HERE and leave a comment on the picture.  Leaving a comment on this blog post does not count.

What are you thinking about today?

March 18, 2013

Tot School - St. Patrick's Day

Tot School
Kyla is 26 months old.
We took a little break from the letter D to do some fun St. Patrick's Day activities.

Our printer is finally working so I was able to print off some fun sheets for her.  She used the green do-a-dot to paint a shamrock.

She saw the other blank shamrock and kept asking to paint.  It's her favorite thing to do.  So I just let her paint it green and printed another one for the other project I had planned.  She is the boss :)

We played with green play doh.  I say "we" because I love playing with play doh, haha.  I tried making D's, but she said "No No No!" and pulled them all apart.

I knew she'd like the next project because it involved gluing.  I cut out a white shamrock, glued it on black paper, and let her glue little pieces of green paper on it.  She loved this and really took her time with it.

I think this was her favorite project we've ever done.  Between the ripping of paper and gluing, she was loving it.  I think we'll do an Easter egg too :)
More coloring pages...

She sorted two different green poms.  She did it in about five seconds and looked at me like "That's it?"

I blew up a green balloon and we had fun bouncing it around the house.

She got her brother involved.  She kept throwing it at him and it would bounce off his head.  He loved it!

We got a couple St. Patrick's Day books from the library.

Of course I had to try to get a sibling picture with their green on.  Kyla was asking for the iPad.  I told her if she smiled at the camera she could have it.  No luck.

Back to letter D we go!

March 14, 2013

Kase - 6 months

Dear Kase,

I am late getting this post done because you have been sick.  I was late getting your photo shoot done and had to reschedule your doctor appointment for when you were healthy.  I am happy to report that you are finally healthy!  Oh and that photo shoot?  Yeah, let's talk about that for a minute.  This was the first month I had to work for it.  You are so wiggly and no longer will just sit where I put you.  So we didn't get a ton of great pictures, but they still show off how adorable you are!

I cannot believe you have been with us for half a year!  The next six months will probably fly by and we will be celebrating your first birthday.  That is crazy!

I can't wait for it to warm up so we can get outside.  I know you are going to love going for walks, playing in your new sandbox, swimming in the little pool, going to the zoo, and all the other fun things I have on our summer bucket list.

With you being sick and getting your first teeth, it's been kind of a rough month for you, little man.  You are wanting a little more attention, even though you are still such a good baby.  I think you might  grow up to be a Mama's boy though, which is totally fine with me!

I can't wait to see how much you grow and learn in the next month.  I wonder when you will start crawling?  And how many more teeth you will have?  Please just don't grow up too fast, ok?  I love having my two little babies home with me.  Before I know it, you and your sister will be off to school. Yikes!

I love you so much Kase man.  Thank you for being such a good boy!

Love, Mommy

(as of 3/11/13)
Weight: 22 lb 6 oz (99.52%)
Height: 28.75" (99.79%)
Head: 46.5 cm (100%)
Diaper Size: Size 4 (just switched from 3's because they were getting tight and I didn't want to buy a whole new box and then not be able to use them)
Clothes Size: I've already packed away a lot of 12 month stuff, but some pants still fit.  Otherwise he's in 12-18 months and 18 months.
Shoe Size: Not really sure - I tried on some size 4's last night and they were huge, but I wanted to see if they'd fit this summer.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde and I love it :)
Teeth:  Two bottom ones and more on the way!
Next Doctor Appointment: Still need to call and make it.

Oh, sleep.  Let's talk about that.  This month was not a good one in that department.  You had a good two week stretch where you were sleeping from 8:30 pm to 1:30 am and then were up ALL MORNING.  We'd try everything to get you back to sleep and to calm down.  It usually took feeding you and then laying you in bed with Mama so I could put your nuk in every other minute when you spit it out.  Since you have been healthy, it has gotten a little better.  You wake up anytime between 4:00 am and 6:30 am.  I feed you and try to get you to back to sleep.  You *usually* will, but some mornings you're just wide awake!

You have been taking three naps a day.  One in the morning around 9:30 or 10:00.  I don't let you sleep too long though because I like you to take a nap when your sister does.  If I let you sleep, you will sleep all the way until 12:30, right when Kyla's ready for a nap.  And Mama needs a break!  So you both nap from about 1-3 every day.  Lately you've been needing a nap around 5:00 too.  You just can't make it until bedtime.  We let you sleep until about 6:30 and then get you up.  Kyla goes to bed at 8:00 and we get you ready shortly after.  We are putting you down awake and you do great!

Look how big you are!
Since being sick, we are finally getting you back in a good feeding routine.  You are eating about 5 ounces every 3 hours.  We tried rice cereal and some sweet potatoes just before you got sick and you were not a fan.  You actually threw up the sweet potatoes and you barely even ate any.  Then you got sick and your doctor suggested we wait with food until you are completely healthy.  I think your main problem was the thicker texture.  I could tell that you were having a hard time swallowing and would then gag.  We are starting up again and you are doing a little better each time.

~You love your jumper and are really working on that vertical!
~You love to have your head and eyebrows rubbed when you're tired.
~You are getting so close to sitting up on your own.  You just need a little support.
~You love to grab Mama and Kyla's hair and not let go.  Mama has been wearing a lot more ponytails lately!
~Even though you are teething, you are still so happy and giggling all the time.  I could video tape you all day.
~You need a little mini haircut.  You have some really long hairs that look so funny.  Some of them are behind your ears and sometimes it looks like they're coming OUT of your ears :)
~You absolutely love being read to.
~You no longer lay still while I change your diaper.  You are constantly wiggling and trying to roll over.

This is how most of our photo shoot went.
Happy six months Kase!  I love you so much!