February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Swap - What I Got!

A couple weeks ago, the lovely Erin and Megan put together a Valentine's Day swap.  I don't really make a big deal out of Valentine's Day and usually don't get much from Tyler (although this year he outdid himself).  But I love "meeting" other bloggers and I love getting mail so I jumped right in on this!

I got Jessica at Pretty Physicist.  You can go over there and see what I got her!

And I'm pretty sure the sweetest, most thoughtful person out there got my name.  Elise over at Books Bottles & Bags obviously did her homework.  When I opened the cute little package, the first things I see are this...

She bought both kids something!  Tyler was watching me open this (probably wondering who the heck I was getting a Valentine's present from, haha) and we thought this was the nicest thing.

Kyla got fancy pens, which of course, she is obsessed with!  See, I told you Elise did her homework.  Kyla loves writing with pens.  We had to open them right up and start scribbling drawing.

Kase got cute little socks, which served as a teething toy for awhile.

I got a Kiwi candle that has already been used several times, nail polish (that I tried out on Kyla, but she's too impatient to let it dry), a Hershey bar (my favorite!) and the nicest card.  And you better believe that Kyla will be sharing those cool pens with her Mama.  I love a color coordinated planner :)

Thank you so much, Elise!  I love everything!

And of course, thank you to Erin and Megan for putting this fun little swap together!


  1. what great gifts!! kiwi candle sounds divine!!!

    1. That candle smells SOO yummy! When I bought one for Amy, I picked up one for myself as well and I burn it all the time! I love it!

  2. How fun! I have always thought it would be so fun to do one of these swaps, but I have never committed yet, because I am worried I just have a little too much on my plate right now to commit to it. Soon though! :)

    When you wrote the candle has been used, I was thinking, weird that the girl sent her a used candle, haha! It took me a min.! ;) (It's early!) What sweet gifts though! And chocolate on Valentine's Day is perfect.

  3. Great gifts...and how thoughtful she included your kiddos. I'm a new follower, obviously from the Swap :) Your kids are too cute!


  4. So everything got there in one piece! I'm glad you loved it! (:

  5. SUCH a good gift! And seriously so darn sweet to include goodies for the little ones too! Thanks for joining in girl :)

  6. I'm a new follower stopping in from Mrs to Mama :)

    I hope you had a happy valentines day! This looks like such a fun swap!

  7. I love how she was scribbling/drawing - that is definitely a great care package!

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