February 19, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

I'm so excited Megan, Kelly, and Lindsay started this fun Trendy Tot Tuesday link up.  I love dressing Kyla cute and am quickly realizing that boy clothes are actually pretty darn adorable too!

I am one of those mom's that think it's absolutely adorable to dress your children alike.  I know some people think it's awful.  Since I have a boy and a girl, it's not the easiest, but I am going to take advantage of every opportunity I get!

Thanks to these bunny pj's from Gymboree, my babies will be waking up Easter morning not only cuter than ever, but they will match.  I have to admit, neither one of them *needed* new pj's, but when my blogger friend Shawna showed them, I HAD to have them.  Like I said, I probably won't get too many chances to match Kyla and Kase, so this had to happen.  Hopefully my husband will see these cute pictures and forgive me for spending the money :)

I put them on this morning for two reasons - for this link up and I was afraid they wouldn't fit them by Easter.  Gymboree pj's run small and the tops run very slim.  Kyla is 25 months and is wearing a 3T and Kase is almost 6 months and is wearing 18-24 months.  I looked at both tops and worried that I could even squeeze them on my kids.  But luckily, they both are fine and might just still fit in a couple months when Easter comes around.

Kyla isn't feeling well and was not at all interested in a morning photo shoot.  Kase, on the other hand, was eating it up :)  And please forgive me for the crazy amount of pictures.  If you're new to my blog, that is very common around here.  I just can't decide which ones to post, so I post a bunch!

Yes, she was bribed with my phone.  Don't judge.

"Whatcha doing over there, sis?"


Poor thing :(  Gianna was home sick yesterday and today...two sleepovers and both times Kyla ended up sick.  Cousin love is sometimes too much love!

He's a happy boy this morning though!

Trying to get a full body shot :)
Show Mama the bunny!

The thought for this picture was there, just didn't really have the execution :)

Go on over to either of the three ladies' blogs (links are in their names at the beginning of this post) and show us your cute tots!  I can't wait to read all of the other blogs.  I'm sure Shawna will show us all up with her fashion geniusness (yes, I just made up my own word for her).
And don't judge me, but I think I might let the kids wear these all day.  They're just so cute and snuggly!
What do you guys think?  Do you match your kids?


  1. OMG...they totally NEEDED those pjs---adorable!!! The sizes look fine to me too. I say rock those bunnies all day today :-)

  2. Loving those jammies. I like to try & match the girls {my hubby doesn't really like it though} I say rock those jammies all day nothing wrong with that

  3. LOVE those jams! Now I think my littles need them too, lol! I am trying to match MoJo more & more. Heck, I even try to match Morgan sometimes, haha! Great, now I just went and filled up a cart full at Gymboree thanks to you ;-) Hope Kyla feels better soon!!

  4. sooooo cute! :) i can't wait till i have another baby to at least coordinate their out fits :) i might have to go get the boy Bunnie jammies if they still have some

  5. Love this and I LOVE that you dress your kiddies alike. Whenever we have our 2nd child, I'm sure I'll do the same. Those jammie jams are SOOOOO adorable!

    I have been a follower of yours for a while and I participated in this link-up today too!


  6. These jammies are just adorable! I never thought about Easter like jammies before...but now I need them!

  7. stopping by from the link up!
    LOVE those jams and your kids are super cute! Glad I stopped by!


  8. Yes. I'm so with you- love to match my kids alike!!

  9. I only have one six month old ... But will most likely do this in the future! For now, I dress me and her alike!! Haha! New follower!

  10. seriously Amy, they are just the cutest!! I think its cute to match :) do it as long as you can ;)

  11. Those Easter jammies are to die for!! Thank you for linking up, I am your newest follower!

  12. Those Easter jammies are so stinking cute! And you know me...I love to dress my girls alike! I'm sad now, though, that Kennedy is starting to wear clothes from the 'big kid' section, so our matching days are slowly coming to an end. It will be a sad, sad day when that finally happens.

  13. oh my gosh!!!! I DIE over those pjs!!!!!

    Your daughter has the most beautiful hair!! I can't wait for Livs to get long!!

    Thanks for linking up!!!! :)

  14. This is adorable!! hopping over from the link up! I love those jammies!