February 8, 2013


Ok, let's address the elephant in the room.

When you're dating someone for awhile, the question is always "When are you getting married?"

When you're married, the question is "When are you having a baby?"

When you have a baby, the question is "When are you having baby #2?"

Now that I have two babies, you guessed it, I am being asked about baby #3.

So, let's talk about this baby #3.  The answer is, I don't know.  It really changes weekly.  And I know that I am very open on this blog and probably write about things that I should keep to myself, but I really want to keep my reasons between Tyler and I.  I have reasons for wanting another one and reasons for wanting to be done.  I just don't feel like explaining myself or having people sway me or judge me for those reasons.

Luckily, even if we do decide to have another baby, our "plan" is not to get pregnant in 2013.  So we have plenty of time to decide.  And this year will give me a chance to enjoy my two sweet babies to the fullest.  2013 is all about Kyla and Kase!  They deserve it!


  1. Because I'm pregnant with #2 now, and it's another girl, can you believe I'm already being asked about when I'll "try for a boy?" Like seriously people, can my uterus have a break?!!? I'm glad you get to enjoy 2013 and not have to think about it!

  2. My husband and I were together for 8 years before we actually got married, and it was ALWAYS "so, when you are getting married" but because we already had a baby everyone started asking, like, 6 years ago when baby #2 was on the way. I never planned for baby #2. I just knew I wanted the time to be right! People were always saying it was bad that I was waiting so long because our oldest is going to be 10 when his baby sister arrives. Honestly though, that's better for me! and I'm sure I'll be asked about #3 but really, now that I have a boy and a girl I don't think I need another!

  3. I suppose people just think they are making conversation. Back when people would ask me that, I would just reply with "why would you ask such a personal question?"

  4. I was just thinking about this today actually! As you know, I am done...and honestly I thought by now I'd be having second thoughts but I don't!

    Anyways, I was reading a discussion on "how did you know when you were done" and I found it so interesting to hear the people who 100% knew they were done. Basically they said that as long as you still have a doubt then you can't say you are done. But numerous people said things like "babies aren't even cute to me anymore" or "we went on vacation with friends who had younger children and they were so much work".

    So anyways, long rambling comment kinda short, I also find it annoying when people bug others about this. And I've also started running into people telling me "no, you can't be done!" or even more annoying "omg, you will never have a boy!" lol...like other people know so much about what someone else wants/desires ;-) But in the end I truly believe you will eventually just know. It shouldn't be that tough of a decision in most cases, because you will eventually either know that your family isn't complete, or it is!

  5. So many people are so into asking about what comes next~ wonder why? What if you are happy with what you have? Then it becomes awkward.

    Our third baby came as a surprise, I mean, we wanted to have a third but not so soon. 18 months apart is crazy. Simply crazy.

    When we announced the third baby, the first question out of most peoples mouths "if it is another boy, are you going to try for a girl?" Yeah...so. It just never ends.

    Good luck with whatever YOU decide.

  6. Trust me, the questions never end!!! My thought? It's honestly nobody's business!!!

  7. Ugh, I'm tired of the marriage question, I want to get engaged so we just stop hearing about it! lol.

  8. I feel your pain! We are getting it as well, when are you having #2, and it's so frustrating!

    When (or IF) we ready that's when!

    Only you know what's right! :-)

  9. We are getting the baby questions ALL the time right now. Isn't it crazy how people just assume they are allowed to ask us these types of things?! I don't mind when it's someone I'm close to but random coworkers have asked me when I plan on having a baby and I'm just like uhhh none of your business?!?!

  10. I know what you mean!! We have 3 kids already but one is my step son we only have half time. I felt very strongly about having a 4th but now I am unsure, I seriously debate it every day! And of course everyone has their opinions on if we should have another one or not. I agree with another commenter that if you have ANY doubt at all, then you are not done. Which is where I am at...I don't feel completely there yet so I must not be ready to be done. I feel like theres no way I would regret it if we DID have one, but I WOULD regret not having another. It is a tough decision with negatives and positives for both. We have also decided that we want to wait until next year IF we have another too. Good luck and I hope people lay off ya for awhile! ;)